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3 Strikes on Dan Rea tonight

Tune in to discuss tonight, but PLEASE pass on the important message below.

Is The Three Strikes Bill A Good Idea?  It has been a long fight for the bill’s supporters, who have argued that repeat violent offenders should not be released back into society.  Reverend Eugene Rivers and Les Gosule sit down to talk about the pros and cons of the bill.  Do you think violent offenders should lose their right to parole?  Call in and join the conversation!

Listen LIVE here. 

JOIN THE CONVERSATION with Dan Rae and guests by Calling into Nightside: (617) 254-1030 or Toll Free: (888) 929-1030

This is an urgent request for action.  PLEASE FORWARD TO GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALS IN MA

Melissa’s law.  This bill is currently stuck in committee on Beacon Hill.  The father of Melissa has worked tirelessly on several bills that have all died in committee for 12 years. The current versions were actually voted on in both houses who added their own amendments to the bill, so it again is in committee…we can’t let this die again.  The house approved their version 142-12 (Denise Andrews was among the nay votes) and the Senate voted 36-0 to approve this bill.  WE MUST HELP THIS GRIEVING FATHER and other victims get the justice they deserve.  We must keep violent offenders off our streets.  CALL Speaker Bobby Deleo at 617-722-2500 and ask him to take up the “Habitual Offender” bill to include sentencing guidelines.

Our Tea Party group had Les Gosule as a guest speaker last night.  This is a man who saw his daughter brutally raped, tied to a tree and then left in a shallow grave by a habitual offender of more than 50 crimes.  He was again out on parole and Melissa crossed his path.  This could have been any of our daughters and if the criminal justice system and the parole board had done their job…he would have served his maximum sentence and been monitored.  This father has fought for more than 12 years by keeping a bill on Beacon Hill about violent crime.  The Defense lawyer lobby is strong and has fought him every step of the way.  This is truly a David and Goliath story.  This is the closest he has come to getting a bill passed only to have it buried again.  PLEASE call and get this bill signed by the Governor who assures Les that he will sign it.

Thank you on behalf of Les

Joan Gross

“Democracy… is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.

Liberty … is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” — Benjamin Franklin


One comment on “3 Strikes on Dan Rea tonight

  1. Melissas Bill
    January 27, 2012

    Thanks for the support and the great post.
    The bill isn’t really stuck in committee. The full House first has to act on the Senate’s proposed modifications of non-violent drug penalties, which is part of the compromise. Once that happens, the conference committee should quickly produce a final bill, perhaps before March.
    Here is a link to the list of violent felonies which will qualify for no parole on the third or greater conviction
    As you can see, ALL these crimes involve direct personal violence or the threat of direct physical violence. We’re pretty optimistic this legislation will pass, in no small part because of grassroots public demand.

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