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Coulter and Coakley?

People either love or hate Ann Coulter.

English: Commentator and author at CPAC in .

The same can be said for

Deutsch: Massachusetts' Attorney General Marth...

Martha Coakley.

There’s not a lot of sentiment in between with these two, but some that once may have loved Ann Coulter are growing wary of her incessant cheer leading for Romney, and lambasting of Gingrich regardless of which candidate they’re rooting for.  Not that Martha Coakley and Obama don’t devotedly stump for each other as well, but here’s Ann’s latest pounding the table for Romney  Three cheers for RomneyCare, and to some degree she’s joining ranks with Coakley in singing Romneycare’s praise?!?  Stranger bedfellows cannot be imagined, but all is fair in love and war, especially when it suits your agenda.  Learn all about Massachusetts’ Health Care Success Story and Why the Affordable Care Act is Constitutional even before the Supreme Court of the United States chimes in.

On February 8, 2012, 11:00am – 12:00pm, you can join the Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden and Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley for a conversation about the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act and the success of the Massachusetts health care law it is modeled on.

Attorney General Coakley worked to implement the successful Massachusetts health care reform law that former Gov. Mitt Romney signed in 2006, which allowed the state to achieve near-universal health coverage, even as coverage declined throughout the rest of the country. Drawing on her experience in Massachusetts, Coakley will explain how the Massachusetts framework that provides full access to insurance, ensures that individuals will take responsibility for their health care, and makes health care affordable to all individuals played an essential role in successfully providing unparalleled access to health care coverage for Massachusetts residents.

Attorney General Coakley and Tanden will discuss why the Affordable Care Act’s adoption of the Massachusetts framework fits comfortably within the United States’ constitutional authority.

RSVP for this event
For more information, call 202-682-1611

Center for American Progress
1333 H St. NW, 10th Floor
Washington, DC 20005

Coulter’s article “three cheers for romneycare” dissected here:


2 comments on “Coulter and Coakley?

  1. MH
    February 1, 2012

    I think these people are all brain dead. They refuse to see that costs are escalating beyond belief with this government control and I for one don’t want to find myself on a waiting list for 3 years for treatment. People are dying on socialist healthcare in other countries by the time they get treatment they are terminally ill when immediate treatment would have saved their lives. Our death panels on obamacare are going to put older people like myself at the end of the list which will guarantee an earlier death. Also young children especially those with disabilities will also find themselves at the back of the line only useful workers will get treatment. Funny how they also forget that the “affordable” care is bankrupting the state.

  2. sosmass
    February 3, 2012

    “Funny how they also forget that the “affordable” care is bankrupting the state.”


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