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Pregnancy is a Disease

and YOU should all pay for it!  This is an old post from last August given more traction due to Obama’s venture into dictating what religious organizations can and can’t do in direct contradiction to our Constitution.  But while the Catholics might be getting all riled up, why isn’t EVERYBODY?

Three year olds, and 95 year olds alike, male or female, will now all pay to eradicate unwanted pregnancies through OBAMACARE, as insurers will have to provide the services without deductibles, co-pays or any other charges for birth control.   “The first ideological tentacles of ObamaCare began snaking their way into the pocketbooks of private insurers and the consciences of religious Americans when, on Monday, the Department of Health and Human Services issued new guidelines requiring insurers to provide free birth control — including “morning-after” abortion pills — in the name of “women’s health.”  … In other words, the federal government — choosing sides in the culture war — now considers “unplanned” pregnancy to be a preventable disease…A disease — and cause for a new government giveaway…”   Read more:

More lies on Obamacare are sure to come, [see below], most notably, it won’t cost taxpayers MORE MONEY!  Reality is quite the opposite, and this can be most clearly SEEN by viewing the poster up close, and understanding what all the legends mean in terms of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Also, not to be missed is Obamacare Fables:

The Greatest Hits Video By Michelle Malkin  •  July 19, 2011 09:31 PM

The Ever-Expanding Catalogue of Obamacare Fables.   and, MRCTV and BreitbartTV bring you an excellent and handy video of Obama’s favorite health care takeover tall tales in his own words.  All it needs is an “Unhappily Ever After” end page.  Watch video HERE.

The chart below helps depict what the over 2,700 pages of OBAMACARE is going to do and how it is going to work.   

Brady admits committee analysts could not fit the entire health care bill on one chart. This portrays only about one-third of the complexity of the final bill. It’s actually worse than this.”




OBAMACARE will have a PROFOUND effect on EVERYONE’S HEALTHCARE and FUTURE!  QUALITY OF CARE will DECLINE and COST OF CARE will RISE!   MEDICARE ADVANTAGE for SENIORS WILL BE ELIMINATED, and other REPLACEMENT supplemental care will be MORE EXPENSIVE, and an INDEPENDENT PANEL OF BUREAUCRATS (NOT NECESSARILY MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS) appointed by PRESIDENT OBAMA  will DECIDE WHAT CARE, TREATMENTS & SURGERIES will be given TO WHOM.  (Government run healthcare?  THINK US Postal Services, Social Security, Medicare, Railroads, etc.  Which ones are not already, or near bankrupt?)

Each line on the chart includes the actual statute number, embedded for all to see, as it correlates and is delineated in the actual bill.  You cannot, however, read these and other specifics and important details without viewing it in poster size.  36 x 40 inch posters are available for $5.00 a piece by emailing .  They can also be purchased laminated, and/or mounted for $10.00 each.  Please help to distribute these and alert people to the disaster of this bill, and contact your Senators today and demand that it be repealed.

From the Liar-in-Chief today:

“And that’s why, from the very beginning of this process, I spoke directly to various Catholic officials, and I promised that before finalizing the rule as it applied to them, we would spend the next year working with institutions like Catholic hospitals and Catholic universities to find an equitable solution that protects religious liberty and ensures that every woman has access to the care that she needs.”

The mandate was originally announced by the incalculably evil Sebelius, who could easily fit the part of the sado-masochistic, Frau Kommandant in charge of “female operations” at Auschwitz.  

She explained that, while all other institutions will be required to carry contraceptive coverage by August 1 of this year, church-related institutions that apply for an extension will have until August 1, 2013 to comply. However, those institutions will be asked to refer their employees to other sources of contraceptive coverage in the interim. Sebelius announced: “This additional year will allow these organizations more time and flexibility to adapt to this new rule. In the interim we intend to require employers that do not offer coverage of contraceptive services to provide notice to employees, which will also state that contraceptive services are available at sites such as community health centers, public clinics, and hospitals with income-based support.”

Again, read the Liar’s statement above that, “we would spend the next year working with institutions like Catholic hospital and Catholic universities to find an equitable solution”. 
  • Is that what the evil Kathleen advised when she made her announcement? Of course not.
  • He announced his “compromise” by lying about the intent of Frau Sebelius’s announcement.
The Big Liar also provided this wisdom: 
“We also accepted a recommendation from the experts at the Institute of Medicine [IOM] that when it comes to women, preventive care should include coverage of contraceptive services such as birth control.  In addition to family planning, doctors often prescribe contraception as a way to reduce the risks of ovarian and other cancers, and treat a variety of different ailments.  And we know that the overall cost of health care is lower when women have access to contraceptive services.”
  • First. Medications specifically prescribed in response to a defined cancer risk, or to “treat a variety of different[unspoken, and likely non-existent] ailments”,  were not at question here. That’s a noxious smoke-screen.
  • Next. The IOM is a Leftist stacked-deck, in favor of an ever expanding array of women’s “health services” that always should be underwritten by someone, other than the women receiving them.
A related digression: Cash is fungible and it can’t be separated by color, size or smell, i.e, the blue ones I use only for that, etc..  That’s the thing with Komen donating money to Planned Parenthood.  The Komen folks say their money isn’t used for abortions, only for cancer screenings.  It’s a crock. PP’s business is abortions. You give them money, you’re subsidizing abortions and people who perform them. Live with it ladies. That is it you can live with yourselves understanding that, more than enough reliable data exists to demonstrate that those abortions PP does, elevate the risk of the breast cancer for which you are nobly pursuing, “The Cure”.  Live with this too.
Here’s the deal Frau Sebelius and her Dr. Mengele came up with. Let’s say I go to a restaurant, and each week I order an entree from a fixed price list of choices, and then select a dessert from another list. One week I arrive and see a card at my table. It says: “Free dessert  included with entree.”  Great.  But then when I look at the menu, I see the price of the entree is now almost equal to the prior total, when I ordered and paid for them separately.  So I’m getting what I did before, but now its only on a single line.  It’s a con job.

When an institution pays an amount of cash, and it, or its employees are rendered a service that they would not receive if they didn’t make that payment, then the institution can be said to have paid for that service, whether it’s listed on their menu, or invoice, or coverage description, or not. When you pay for insurance and a particular coverage is provided; it may be said that you have paid for that service.

The payment avails the service. No Payment, no service. That means the Church affiliated payment, is buying the birth control coverage. Mc

P.S. Thought you might like a little photo of the evil duo. 


One comment on “Pregnancy is a Disease

  1. SOSMass (SaveOurState)
    February 11, 2012

    The Government is demanding that corporate entities [insurers], which were not consulted on the matter, must provide a product or service for free. On what legal basis no one knows, but there’s more. They must provide the “free” product or service to tax-exempt entities, which have stated publicly and vigorously, that based on religious beliefs; they do not want said product or service,,,, even if it’s “free”,,,, which of course nothing ever is.

    The Government is then saying: The corporate entities which were never consulted before their services were proffered by the Government at no charge, must force these services on the tax-exempt organizations which absolutely do not want them. Government is really proclaiming: You will violate your religious principles, or Government will force you to close your doors.

    Incidentally to anyone who’s offended by this current Stalinist shredding of the First Amendment that’s being hatefully inflicted on Catholic institutions; just wait till next year. If Obama is re-elected.

    “free” abortions are next, and if Catholic hospitals decline to perform them; they will be forced to close their doors.

    Obama’s White House is a Marxist echo-chamber. We can only pray that he and his Marxist cohort will be delivered the resounding rebuke in Nov. that they have so richly earned.

    Jim Mc

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