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Children’s shoes PLEASE!

 Jibbitz shoes on the feet of an adult and two ...This is being posted because it just seems so good, so easy to do, so important, and so valuable.  (Obviously if you are not in central Mass, or within a reasonable drive to or for Mary Beth, call her and surely creative minds can make this easily doable).

English: children shoes

I’m collecting CHILDREN’S shoes of any size and type for children in Iraq who have lost limbs to IED’s. I am a member of the Blue Star Mothers Central MA Chapter 3 (we all have sons or daughters serving in the U.S.Military)  and we are working with a nurse in Iraq who takes care of these children.  She has asked us for LIKE NEW or NEW shoes for the children.  (Sandals are fine too if they are sturdy.)

I know some of you don’t have little kids anymore but if you are at Payless and they have the BOGO deal and you don’t need another pair well…..:)

You can drop off the shoes at my house ANYTIME.  OR I’m happy to pick up the shoes at your house if you need me to.   They need to be d/o anytime BEFORE March 7th, 2012.  Some helpful hints would be to tie the laces together, and/or connect the sandal straps or rubber band slip ons together if possible.  THANK YOU so much.  Any questions contact me by email or call my home #  508 754 2877.  Thanks again.   English: A pair of size 10 sandals for men

Sincerely,  Mary Beth Thomas

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