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CNN Attacks Breitbart Hours After Death

“Just hours after his death, during two different segments, CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux and Howard Kurtz epitomized everything Andrew Breitbart dedicated his life to fighting: the intentional furthering of completely false narratives; the attacking of people unable to defend themselves (which, sadly, is the position Andrew is in today).”  [see lies of Malveaux here, the refuting and proof of which had long since been established, even by Breitbart himself, well before his death!]

On February 12, 2012, SOSMass enthusiastically posted:

“. . . and “heart, heart” Breitbart at CPAC – We will vet Obama this time.

No one had vetted Obama before he became President of the United States, and to this very day, controversy swirls over his birth certificate, Arpaio: ‘Probable cause’ Obama certificate a fraud, and very many other issues, e.g., Crimes Against Liberty.  No one was in a better position to vet Obama than Andrew Breitbart, but weeks after making his commitment to do so, (March 1, 2012), Conservative Voice:  activist, author, publisher Andrew Breitbart was dead at age 43.

Some very good people who are passionate about saving our country from its impending doom didn’t know who Andrew Breitbart was.  No shame there.  Lame stream media strives to keep the important truths from the masses, and Breitbart’s truths and accomplishments are/were the antithesis of what lame stream media is all about.  So put the shame where it belongs, but learn who Breitbart was so that we may honor and carry on his very important and good works.  Breitbart’s professed goal was to “exemplify the free and fearless press that our Constitution protects–but which, increasingly, the mainstream media denies us.” In his own words:  “I love my job. I love fighting for what I believe in. . . I love reporting stories that the Complex refuses to report . . .”  For those that don’t know him see  and to see how we in Mass can carry on his legacy see  For memories visit

A lessor known aspect of Breitbart is how he came from very liberal roots, and his father-in-law, famous actor Orsen Bean, was even blacklisted for his outspoken liberal views in the early 1950s.  Breitbart himself started at the liberal leaning Huffington Post before becoming the “kinetic, brash, relentless, full of fight, the bane of the left, and a mentor to the next generation of right-wing activists and citizen journalists” as described by the very conservative Michelle Malkin.  They say reformed Democrats are the best Republicans because they have seen and know the other side first hand.  Perhaps that’s what made Breitbart the best of conservatives fighting for our country.  The embattled Media Matters for America, (see more at FINALLY, a Mass Liberal says it like it is), stated  “Media Matters has a long history with Andrew Breitbart. We’ve disagreed more than we’ve found common ground, but there was never any question of Andrew’s passion for and commitment to what he believed.

Breitbart’s departure is a great loss to all, none the least of which is King Street Patriots who take their name “from the original group of patriots who demonstrated in the streets of Boston in 1770 in response to confiscatory British policies enacted against the colonists. King Street was known as the hub of historic and patriotic acts of community activism. The Boston Massacre, tar and featherings, marches of the Sons of Liberty, routings of the Tea Party, and the ride of Paul Revere all unfolded on this cobblestone road. The protestations of King Street’s activists sparked rebellion among the colonies and eventually culminated in the American Revolution.”  Further self description of King Street Patriots shows the parallels to Breitbart’s beliefs and efforts:  “to battle the most brazen attempt by liberals in the last fifty years to further an agenda which Patriots considers diametrically opposed to the welfare of all Americans. King Street Patriots is committed to:

  • Freedom
  • Capitalism
  • American Exceptionalism
  • Constitutional Governance
  • Civic Duty”

And so it is no wonder that In Memory of a Great Patriot the KS Patriots state:  “When history folds in on our generation, and our children speak of who we were, they will speak better of us because of Andrew and God willing, they will still speak freely, because of the war Andrew fearlessly fought for so many years.”  Their summation of their becoming involved with Breitbart is:

We’d been sued, we’d been slandered, we’d been all but silenced. Why? A simple miscalculation. We thought that a citizen’s volunteering to uphold election integrity would be a good thing; a thing no one could find fault with. How could you be against True the Vote? What we know now that we didn’t know then is that in present day America if you tell the truth, and if that truth threatens power, then you will be attacked. Not debated. Attacked, intimidated, smeared, destroyed. Then we met Andrew.
He said “let me be your rodeo clown”. In rodeos there are bulls, bull riders, and rodeo clowns. When a bull rider gets thrown he is at the mercy of the animal until the rodeo clown, the bravest one in the arena, shows up to distract the bull long enough to turn its attention to the clown. If there is a hit to be taken, the clown takes it for the sake of the bull rider. Let me be your rodeo clown, let me take the hit, so you can come back to ride another day. What is the measure of a man who would willingly take the hit, over and over and over and over again, so that truth could ride one more day?  [emphasis added]

And there you have Andrew Breitbart.  It is now up to each and every one of us to carry on his legacy, and honor his memory by keeping his mission alive.  Let’s do it.  Blogger iOwnTheWorld is devising a plan.  See below for the developing concept, and in the interim here we go.   Please learn and teach of the work of Andrew Breitbart as a matter of life and death of our country as we once knew it, and it must be reclaimed: 

The Vetting, Part I: Barack’s Love Song To Alinsky

The vetting of President Barack Obama begins now, with Andrew Breitbart’s final piece, exposing Obama’s association with a radical leftist play titled — appropriately enough — ‘The Love Song of Saul Alinsky.’ by Andrew Breitbart 8 hours ago 504

The Bumper Sticker

The moodier 4/c poster with Andrew Breitbart as the eternal sentinel, ever vigilant of the treacherous left.

As a demonstration of how the media is controlled and biased to the LEFT/ nastiness, and hateful speech, just take a look at the FIRST FOUR titles offered by WordPress as “Related articles” below!  There are ample articles and blogs singing Breitbart’s praise, suggesting calls to action in his honor, and raising money for his family (he leaves a wife and four children), but to bring those to the forefront would not serve the left’s purpose.  Perhaps someday the left, the media, and even WordPress will come to realize their culpability in selling US out to communism, and report the objective truth before it’s too late.  But then, that is what Breitbart was attempting to do, and he is DEAD.  Better to just diminish or demonize those that honorably seek, and attempt to expose the truth, even when they’re not around to defend themselves.
The fourth estate plays a leading role in the destruction of America by keeping citizens in the dark or outright misrepresenting the truth.  It was that that Breitbart fought to overcome, and that fight which we must carry on in his honor.  (The below is offered as examples of the lefts bias and nastiness, Martyr for liberty being the exception.  Clicking on and reading the others is feeding the Beast).
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3 comments on “Breitbart Breitbart Breitbart

  1. worcgop
    March 5, 2012

    Reblogged this on cementheads.

  2. AllAlongTheWatchtower
    March 5, 2012

    Please read:
    for a good eulogy/rememberance of Andrew Breitbart.

    Like Michael Savage, I still wouldn’t be quick to assume he actually died of natural causes. From drinks to dead in a matter of moments?
    He was already dead when people found him?
    I mean it wasn’t a dumpster like senior Bush official John ‘Jack’ Wheeler last year, but it still needs close scrutiny.

  3. Deborah
    March 5, 2012

    Any death of a person who stated they had incriminating evidence about another person, and died on the day they were going to release that information, should automatically be a question of foul play.
    We should support Brietbart’s commitment to vet obama.
    We should demand that whomever the GOP candidate may be, that they are also committed to uncovering all the information and facts about Barack Obama. I hear this theory of what I call “squatter’s rights”. That since Obama is already president he does not need to be vetted.
    Why did he lose his law license, where is his passport when he traveled to pakistan, where are the hospital records and where is the original bc.
    I will no longer accept being called a rascist. paranoid freak because I want to know about the person who holds the highest office in our land.

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