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MassGOP State Committee Results

Let it be known that some very good State Committee members were defeated, but even more so, some EXCELLENT candidates for State Committee did not prevail in areas where incumbents have done nothing to support candidates and grow the party.  May these results, showing an influx of grass root conservatives, be a wake up call to those incumbents, (you know who you are), that it is time to grow the party because Mass can no longer tolerate or survive its one party state.  Things are just plain too dire out there.

Hint:  Do more to educate people what the State Committee is and does, AND do more to alert people to these primaries where State Committees are elected and most people don’t have a clue that it was anything more than a Presidential Primary.  (Just sayin’)

More than a Hat Tip to Chris Pinto:

42 members re-elected; 38 newbies

Berkshire, Hampshire & Franklin Robin Almgren
Berkshire, Hampshire & Franklin Mike Case
Bristol & Norfolk Horace Mello NEW
Bristol & Norfolk Angela Davis
Cape & Islands Crocker NEW
Cape & Islands Francis Manzelli NEW
First Bristol & Plymouth Rebecca A. Levesque NEW
First Bristol & Plymouth Tim Sullivan NEW
First Essex Dorothy Early
First Essex William H. Ryan
First Essex & Middlesex Kim Incampo NEW
First Essex & Middlesex Luke Noble NEW
First Hampden & Hampshire Deb Martell NEW
First Hampden & Hampshire Tom McCarthy NEW
First Middlesex Susan S. Slade
First Middlesex Rick Green NEW
First Middlesex & Norfolk Lisa Barstow NEW
First Middlesex & Norfolk Mike Gilleran NEW
First Plymouth & Bristol Kimberly M. Palmer
First Plymouth & Bristol William L. Nickerson
First Suffolk Joseph Ureneck
First Suffolk Patricia “Patty” Jennings NEW
First Suffolk & Middlesex Paul J. Ronukaitus
First Suffolk & Middlesex Joyce Kelly NEW
First Worcester Bill McCarthy
First Worcester Bonnie Johnson NEW
Fourth Middlesex Helen Hatch
Fourth Middlesex Tony Ventresca
Hampden Marie Bergeron NEW
Hampden Mark Bergeron NEW
Hampshire & Franklin John Andrulis
Hampshire & Franklin Tammy Mosher NEW
Middlesex & Essex Al Turco
Middlesex & Essex Brittany A. Carisella NEW
Middlesex & Worcester Brian Burke
Middlesex & Worcester Jeanne S. Kangas
Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex Barbara Bush NEW
Middlesex, Suffolk & Essex Mike Cowitt NEW
Norfolk & Plymouth Christine M. Cedrone
Norfolk & Plymouth Matthew R. Sisk
Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex Earl Sholley NEW
Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex Patricia Saint Aubin NEW
Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth James Aldred NEW
Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth Mimi Sundstrom
Plymouth & Barnstable Barbara A. McCoy
Plymouth & Barnstable Gerald Nye NEW
Plymouth & Norfolk Peter Buckley NEW
Plymouth & Norfolk Janet Fogarty
Second Bristol & Plymouth Jill Ussach NEW
Second Bristol & Plymouth Brock Cordeiro
Second Essex Nancy J. Luther
Second Essex John F. McCarthy Jr.
Second Essex & Middlesex Paul Adams
Second Essex & Middlesex Shiela Richardson
Second Hampden & Hampshire Richard Barrena
Second Hampden & Hampshire Linda Vacon NEW
Second Middlesex Patrica Doherty NEW
Second Middlesex Rob Cappucci NEW
Second Middlesex & Norfolk Janet Leombruno NEW
Second Middlesex & Norfolk Edward B. McGrath
Second Plymouth & Bristol Richard Greeley
Second Plymouth & Bristol Jeanne Falcone
Second Suffolk Rachel Kemp
Second Suffolk Brendan O’Connell NEW
Second Suffolk & Middlesex Steve Aylward NEW
Second Suffolk & Middlesex Elizabeth Mahoney
Second Worcester McKenzie-Hebert NEW
Second Worcester Brent Anderson
Suffolk & Norfolk Patricia E. Barrett
Suffolk & Norfolk Brad Williams NEW
Third Essex & Middlesex Stephen M. Zykofsky
Third Essex & Middlesex Amy Carnevale NEW
Third Middlesex Peter Dulchinos
Third Middlesex Sandy Martinez
Worcester & Middlesex Frank Ardiner NEW
Worcester & Middlesex Susan Smiley
Worcester & Norfolk Kimberly Roy
Worcester & Norfolk Mike Potaski
Worcester, Hampden,Hampshire & Franklin Gillmeister NEW
Worcester,Hampden,Hampshire & Franklin Janet Garon
“For the first time in history does a nation have complete gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient. The world will follow our lead in the future.” 

– Adolph Hitler, 15 April 1935, in address to the Reichstag

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