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Movies – Must See – Time Sensitive

The Newburyport Republican Committee will be going to the movies to see  MonumentalIn Search of Americas National Treasures.

On Tuesday, March 27, more than 550 movie theaters, across the country, will present a live, one-night first showing of the film.  The film will then open in theaters in select markets, and come to television and DVD mid-2012.
Watch the trailer to learn more about this movie.  Because this is a one-time showing,
tickets should be purchased in advanced. You can do this on the website. We will be going to the Newington, NH theaters:

Newington  Cinema 15

Please advise us of showings near YOU and we will post.

Of course, the NRC Board and others will probably meet before the movie for dinner. Let me know after you bought your tickets. I’ll put you on an email contact list that will inform you when and where we will meet before the movie. Home Page of the Newburyport Republican Committee!

* Also, don’t forget to tell your Conservative friends and family, that live in Salisbury, about the upcoming Salisbury Republican Town Committee meeting.   Tues. March 13, 7 pm @ Stripers.

Have a great week,

The NRC Board,
Elaine, Ann Marie, Joe,Dick, Colleen

Last night!  Palin “The Undefeated”:

‘Undefeated’ vs. ‘Game Change’; Vetted vs. Unvetted

 Whether you like Sarah Palin or not, it’s a fact that she was destroyed by the main-stream liberal media during the 2008 election campaign, and she remains at the top of its hit-list since intelligent, self-made, charismatic, CONSERVATIVE women are a huge threat to the liberal agenda .  Palin was also maligned by the HBO movie, “Game Change,” produced by Tom Hanks (unfortunately part of the elite Hollywood left), who also does the introduction for the president’s 17-minute tribute film piece for his reelection.  “Game Change” is a continuation  of the left’s distortion of Palin (some of you may have seen it); and Julianne Moore the liberal actress who played her part, admitted when asked that no one interviewed Palin, her family members, or anyone in her group—or for that matter John McCain about the film’s content.   Go to:  and click on “big Hollywood” to find more facts about the film, which like the book it was based on, has been discredited.

Last night (Sunday, Mar. 11) however, was a factual documentary on Palin entitled, “The Undefeated” aired on Reelz Channel  (Channel 233 @ Verizon) at 8:00 PM EDT (5:00 PM PDT), so if you wanted FACT instead of FICTION, this was the movie to watch! The producer, interviewed on Fox (watch interview at Breitbart link above), used actual campaign films to make the documentary, and once it was finished, showed it to Palin to hear her reaction.  She loved it, and said “it tells my story.” 

Anyone who watched, please chime in below.


Agenda: Grinding America DownThis is a MUST SEE film—the sooner the better!  Anyone who has any doubts about the agenda of “hope and change” need only watch this compelling documentary that traces the roots of socialist groups in America as they branch out over the years through our media, education, religion, and moral culture, growing steadily right into the highest office in the land.  If you have friends who still don’t “get it”, this spells “it” out “as plain as day,” and there is almost no one who won’t learn something from this factual, historical film.    It was a SAICFF Jubilee winner of the Best of Festival Award 2010, and Ted Baehr of Movieguide called it “the most powerful exposé of the communist, socialist, progressive attempt to take over America produced so far.”     See the trailer and get more information at:     To obtain a copy of the movie, go to: (cost $15.95)  the Agenda website (cost $18.00 – less in bulk),  or check with your local DVD/movie rental store.



2 comments on “Movies – Must See – Time Sensitive

  1. SOSMass (SaveOurState)
    March 12, 2012

    a two-hour documentary called “Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure.” This one-night only, live presentation, hosted by Kirk Cameron, will be shown on March 27th, 7 pm at the Lowell Showcase Cinemas.

  2. Brenda Shaw
    March 20, 2012

    I live in Wareham, MA not far from Plymouth. I cannot locate a local theatre that is showing the movie Monumental. I called the Plymouth Chamber of Commerece and they had no idea what I was talking about until they Googled it while speaking to me on the phone. I really want to see this movie…Is there any theatre in mA showing it? The closest is Sawnsea which is about 45 milesa away. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE KINGSTON MALL CINEMA RIGHT NEXT TO PLYMOUTH where you filmed???

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