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It gets worse

As a follow up to the post yesterday regarding Jim McKenna’s call for an investigation by the US Attorney General relative to uncounted, and/or thrown away votes, as well as other related and apparent violations of Federal law, McKenna posted the below over at RedMassGroup.  

Political Cartoons by Steve BreenALSO on that site, among other worthy reads, is how we are being hoodwinked about the state of our economy in Massachusetts, with alarming charts depicting the TRUTH Slower, Weaker – BLS Job’s Data Undercut Patrick Administration Narrative.  Many other posts are deserving of attention as well, none the least of which is the information from the Pioneer Group, the call for an audit of the Patrick administration’s method of calculating job numbers, and more.  Between throwing away votes, and fighting AGAINST voter ID to eliminate Dead people voting, the economy, the lies, and no one doing a thing about all the corruption, we’re headed off a cliff UNLESS everyone starts getting informed and involved.  Join your local activist groups like this (tons of valuable information), and this Merrimack Valley Tea Party with Special guest talk radio host Todd Feinburg, and don’t just get involved, bring others into the fray before it’s too late.  Unless we act with strength and numbers, all the work we do to ‘try’ and get good people into office to stop this train wreck is countered by all the illegal votes, and throwing away those that will never be counted.  This situation demands everyone’s concern and attention. 

This cannot be partisan.  by Jim McKenna

The failure to count votes – particularly the wholesale, willful failure, is equally offensive to all Americans, regardless of party.  Moreover, the election officials in most cities and towns properly counted the votes cast – and they likely were Democrats.  The focus of our analysis thus far has been on the September, 2010, primary.  We have done little concerning the November, 2010, general election, but some of the patterns seen in September seem to have been evident then.

For example, the general results in some Boston precincts seem to defy reason.  Perhaps the most alarming example was a precinct in which Karyn Polito received 32 votes in her race, Mary Connaughton received 25 in hers, even I received 17 votes in my race, yet Charlie Baker received only 3 in his race.  In that context, it just would not seem probable that Charlie would really have lost as certified – 643 to 3.  All of which presents the question of how are things likely to go there this November in the Senate race.  [SOSMass adds:  OR ANY OTHER ELECTION]


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