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Mass Madness

Leprechaun with shamrocks clip artIs any more proof needed to confirm that political correctness has gone too far in Massachusetts, to the point of insanity, when a Principal of a Wilbraham elementary school has taken to renaming holidays on the premise of diversity, and inclusiveness?  Last month Lisa Curtin, principal of the Soule Road School in Wilbraham, Mass., changed the name of  Valentine’s Day to “Caring and Kindness Day”.  This month Ms Curtin will change the name, and likely meaning of St. Patrick’s Day.  It will be renamed ‘O’ Green Day, but not to worry, children will still be encouraged to wear green during class and eat green vegetables in the cafeteria.  What’s next?  Leprechaun and shamrock clip art

Will Ms Curtin restrict herself to strictly changing the names of holidays, or will her changing of names and meanings extend to other century old practices and traditions that she feels have become too “secular in nature”?  If Ms Curtin finds these two holidays too secular, does anyone even want to gamble with what she will rename Christmas?

Hopefully every rational person in the town of Wilbraham and beyond will rail against this Principal’s actions to reprogram children, and if this decision was unilaterally made by her, she will be disciplined.  Unless this action was done with the universal and explicit permission and approval of each child’s parents, everyone involved should be reprimanded so that such practices don’t become accepted elsewhere.  Just imagine, one day your shipping your kids off to school expecting them to learn the basics of math and grammar, and the next day they come home with a whole new name for Christmas and its values and traditions.  Someone, somewhere has got to draw a line in the sand of where parental rights take precedent over political views, and educators’ focus on educating our children rather than brainwashing them.  Let’s hope it’s the parents and citizens of Wilbraham, and that plenty of other communities rally to help them.bunch of shamrock 4 leaf clovers

We all grew up celebrating, or not, being Irish on St. Patrick’s day, whether we were, or not.  And what of the Irish Catholics for which St. Patrick’s day has special meaning.  Apparently Ms. Curtin’s views usurp all.

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’s DAY FROM SOSMass . . . whether you’re Irish or NOT.

(Now that’s politically correct!!!)

shamrock animation


2 comments on “Mass Madness

  1. dan
    March 16, 2012

    I’m sure Martin O Shea who appointed progressive liberal is proud

  2. Bob Jenkins
    March 17, 2012

    If you live in a town where the liberal brainwashing takes place, run for School committe and take back our schools.

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