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Massachusetts cost hikes could go nationwide with Obamacare

17 June 2009 - Washington, DC - Senators on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee begins mark-up consideration on the Kennedy Health Care bill. The bill which may cost over a trillion dollars is being debated by both sides of the Senate committee.

number of pages for Romneycare = 70 [American Thinker: does page count matter?]

number of pages for Obamacare = 2,471

This article in The Washington Times by Sally C. Pipes, president, CEO and Taube Fellow in Health Care Studies at the Pacific Research Institute is posted out of order to highlight the main points as headlines for instant messaging, in other words, just the soundbites.  Because of liberal media bias, and an effort by them to use Romneycare when it suits their purpose to make Romney the villain or designer of Obamacare, one hopes that Pipes as the source is restricted to studies and research rather than this being politically inspired.  Pipe’s latest book is “The Pipes Plan: The Top Ten Ways to Dismantle and Replace Obamacare” (Regnery 2012), the key words dismantle and replace suggestive of an alternative and solutions to averting THIS:

Massachusetts cost hikes could go nationwide with Obamacare

Half a decade into its health reform experiment, Massachusetts is flailing under unsustainable health costs. Absent change, the Bay State offers a preview of what the rest of the country has to look forward to.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick just exhorted legislators to overhaul the way the state pays for health care. He’s pushing for an end to the traditional arrangement of compensating doctors and hospitals for each service they provide.

Some policymakers believe that global budgets are the answer to this problem. Because doctors would receive a flat annual fee for each patient, they’d have a direct financial incentive to keep their patients healthy – or more cynically – to limit the care they provide.                                                           That’s exactly what has happened in Canada, which implemented such budgets in the 1970s. Last year, Canadians were waiting to receive more than 941,000 procedures. The average total wait time between referral from a primary care physician and treatment by a specialist reached 19 weeks in 2011. That’s more than double the wait time in 1993.

A new report from researchers at the University of Minnesota details the magnitude of Massachusetts’ health reform catastrophe. They interviewed more than 3,000 state residents in 2010 and found that “Massachusetts continues to struggle with escalating health care costs, reflecting the decision to defer addressing costs in the 2006 legislation.”

About 1 in 4 respondents reported delaying treatment because of concerns about cost. That share is up from 2006. And 1 in 5 adults had problems paying medical bills – the same percentage as in 2006. “There was no sustained improvement in problems paying medical bills,” the researchers wrote.

The employer-sponsored insurance market in particular has suffered. That’s bad news, as it’s how most Bay Staters – and most Americans in general – get their coverage.

The researchers concluded by stating that the “pre-2010 status quo is not a sustainable option for Massachusetts or the nation.”

In 2006, then-Gov. Mitt Romney assured his constituents that “the costs of health care will be reduced” if his health reform package passed. President Obama made essentially the same assurances prior to the passage of his reform package, pledging that it would “bring down premiums by $2,500 for the typical family.”

Mr. Romney’s promise has proven false. And there’s little doubt that Mr. Obama’s will end up similarly untrue.


This chart helps depict what the over 2,400 pages of the bill is going to do and how it is going to work.  To facilitate a more thorough understanding of something that will have a profound effect on everyone’s healthcare and future, distribute and display this poster in your businesses, school, doctors’ offices, hospitals, medical buildings, everywhere you can because it will affect everybody.
Each line on the chart includes the actual statute number, embedded for all to see, as it correlates and is delineated in the actual bill. HOWEVER, they couldn’t fit this disaster all on one chart so this poster represents less than HALF of what the bill will look like!
You cannot, however, read these and other specifics and important details without viewing it in poster size.  36 x 40 inch posters are available for $10.00 a piece by emailing .  They can also be purchased laminated, and/or mounted for $15.00 each.  [Town Committees, Tea Parties and any other organizations may purchase these at half price to use for fundraising.]  Please help to distribute these and alert people to the disaster of this bill, and contact your Senators today and demand that it be repealed.

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