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Federal $s in New England for Health

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In Our Own Little Corner:

What in the world are federal taxpayer dollars doing in New England for health prevention???   Sorry, but I don’t trust ANYTHING about the “AFFORDABLE Health Care Bill!  For information on this, go to:


Outside the Corner:

Michelle Malkin’s Human Events article on this disaster of a bill is an “eye-opener” to say the least!  Last week, the House got rid of the IPAB’s (“Death Panels” as Palin rightly named them) with a few Dems “crossing over” in agreement, but think again if you think this will sail through the Senate—and the mainstream media says the “HOUSE can’t get anything done!   PLEASE CONTACT Senators Brown and Kerry about this!

Here is Michelle Malkin’s article:


The ObamaCare hydra      by Michelle Malkin         03/23/2012

The Hydra was a mythical swamp beast whose multiple heads grew back after being severed. Obamacare is a real Washington monster whose countless hidden bureaucracies keep sprouting forth even after they’re rooted out. As soon as combatants lop off one of the law’s unconstitutional agencies, another takes its place.

On Thursday, as the behemoth federal health care law marked its second anniversary, House Republicans repealed the infamous Independent Payment Advisory Board. The mother of all death panels, IPAB would have unprecedented authority over health care spending through a rogue board of 15 Medicare spending czars. The House repeal has a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving the Senate. But IPAB’s legality is being challenged in federal court by the conservative Arizona-based Goldwater Institute. And the more the public knows about these freedom-usurping, taxpayer-soaking institutions buried in the health care law the less they like it.

READ THE REST HERE, but it concludes with THIS:
It’s not just physicians who need to pay attention. Every taxpayer has a stake. At the end of the month, this shadowy agency will start doling out $1 billion in grants to payment experiment groups and data-tracking system builders. Sounds like yet another pipeline for political payoffs and Chicago-style boodle that will result in less patient autonomy, fewer health care choices, more government intrusion and lower-quality care.

Final diagnosis: The Obamacare beast won’t die until it’s eradicated completely, root and branch.


This chart helps depict what the over 2,400 pages of the bill is going to do and how it is going to work.  To facilitate a more thorough understanding of something that will have a profound effect on everyone’s healthcare and future, distribute and display this poster in your businesses, school, doctors’ offices, hospitals, medical buildings, everywhere you can because it will affect everybody.
Each line on the chart includes the actual statute number, embedded for all to see, as it correlates and is delineated in the actual bill. HOWEVER, they couldn’t fit this disaster all on one chart so this poster represents less than HALF of what the bill will look like!
You cannot, however, read these and other specifics and important details without viewing it in poster size.  36 x 40 inch posters are available for $10.00 a piece by emailing .  They can also be purchased laminated, and/or mounted for $15.00 each.  [Town Committees, Tea Parties and any other organizations may purchase these at half price to use for fundraising.]  Please help to distribute these and alert people to the disaster of this bill, and contact your Senators today and demand that it be repealed.

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