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ANNOUNCEMENTGerry Dembrowski Announces Candidacy for State Senate

Gerry Dembrowski announces his candidacy for Massachusetts State Senate – 4th Middlesex District – (Arlington, Billerica, Burlington, Lexington, Woburn). Here’s another fine Republican candidate who needs our support, so if you’re in Gerry’s district, go to his website and get involved in his campaign any way you can!  If you’re out-of-district, but have family/friends in one of the above listed town/cities, please let them know about Gerry and encourage them to do the same!  You can contact Gerry and/or his campaign at:         OR    through his facebook page at:

Dr. Gerry Dembrowski is a chiropractic primary care physician and small business owner.  He grew up in, and remains a resident of Woburn, MA.


Senator Scott Brown Still Working For “The People”:  Check out Senator Brown’s recent bills that have passed in the Senate:


Richard Tisei Campaign:

The Boston Globe had a long article on Richard Tisei’s run against John Tierney.  To read it, go to:


“Extra, Extra – Read All About It!”  Dean Cavaretta has launched a new website about one of his campaign’s main priorities:  EDUCATION!  The website highlights his support for public education based on his varied experiences as a licensed public school teacher, former classroom aid, ABRHS football and lacrosse coach, summer school instructor and tutor.  The website called, , was officially unveiled on Monday, March 19.  To read about it, go to:


A Discrepancy in MA “Job Growth” Numbers—Really?!? Really:

MassGOP and Red Mass Group pointed out a discrepancy in  MA “job growth” numbers touted by Governor Patrick, and believe it or not, the Boston Globe investigated.  Here are the results. 

 QUOTED from Mass GOP website and the Globe: 

Welcome Back to MA… and Reality, Governor!  While Patrick Admin Debates Jobs Numbers, GOP Pushes Jobs Legislation”

As Governor Patrick returns from the sandy beaches of the Virgin Islands he will confront a glaring discrepancy between his administration’s rosy jobs outlook and the reality that the state is underperforming the r With data showing Mass. nearly dead last in job creation compared to the rest of the country, Governor Deval Patrick takes the honor this week.  As Governor Patrick returned from the sandy beaches of the Virgin Islands he confronted a glaring discrepancy between his administration’s rosy jobs outlook and reality.  Recent reports show that the Governor overstated the numbers of jobs created by a whopping 31,600 last year, meaning his repeated claims about Massachusetts leading the nation in job growth are plain wrong.

After the MassGOP and the folks at Red Mass Group cried foul, The Boston Globe got to the bottom of the story this week:

‘Patrick’s job growth claims incorrect  “But the numbers used by the administration — that Massachusetts is fifth in the nation in job growth — were revised last week and no longer show the state performing as well as previously thought.   “New data from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the state has now dropped to number 41 in job creation for 2011.”

To read the entire article, go to:


 Obamacare in the Spotlight:

Obamacare has its “day in court”—the Supreme Court—finally; and arguments started Monday and finished Wednesday.  There are many facets to the case just like the bill itself, but let’s hope the justices preserve liberty in the end—AND Americans’ health by agreeing with the majority of citizens that the law is not only unconstitutional—but it should go.  According to many media reports, there are some indications that could happen.  Meanwhile, demonstrations have taken place on both sides of the issue outside the courthouse.  To read details of the case being presented, go to:     and also:

For more from Heritage on Obamacare, go to:


Vote to End “Death Panels” Goes to Senate:

Dick Morris reported on his website that a vote passed the House last week (223-181, with 7 Democrats supporting the measure) “REPEALING the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission established under Obamacare[.]”  This Commission’s meetings, or “death panels” as they came to be called, were designed to decide which treatments would be most cost-effective for patients and which ones (treatment/medication/surgery) would be allowed—or not—based on the panel’s evaluation of patient “quality years.”  This is how the bill would “slice $500 billion from Medicare.”

The REPEAL now goes to the Senate.  However, whether it actually makes it to the Senate floor for a vote is questionable.  Please let your SENATORS know how outrageous this Commission is, and that the Senate SHOULD bring the vote to the floor, as well as REPEAL THIS COMMISSION the same way the House did.   If you prefer, you can sign a petition at Morris’ website.  At best, the Senate vote could abolish the panel; at worst, taking the vote could put Democratic Senators who won’t repeal it on record before November elections.   To read more and/or sign petition, go to:


Balance that Budget!!!

Information on Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) new budget plan can be found at:

Heritage Foundation’s article, “Red Tape Rising,” talks about a new report that shows that during the 3 years the president has been in office, 106 new major regulations have gone into effect costing more than $46 BILLION ANNUALLY—on top of nearly $11 BILLION in one-time implementation costs.  Read the article at:


VICTORY for Property Owners in Supreme Court Ruling: Important info. at:


Fragile Liberty—Gone With the Stroke of a PenThis has to be one of the most frightening articles Morris has written.  It can be read on his website at


Arab Protest March on Jerusalem Planned: Dick Morris reports on this latest affront on Israel at:


Winchester Elections:

Winchester Elections results can be found on the Town website at:


Lynn Engle Speaks Out:

Don’t miss the op/ed by our own Lynn Engle in last week’s Winchester Star (March 22, 2012):


It’s About “FREE SPEECH”!

If you haven’t read the Winchester Patch article about the 2 residents who are bringing a resolution to Town Meeting to ask its support for overturning a Supreme Court ruling regarding the “Citizens United” case, you should take a look.  It’s stirred up 16 comments already, and you may want to chime in!  To read and/or comment, go to:



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