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Calling out McGovern

In a clear case where a ‘title‘ paints a thousand words, the title of an op-ed by a constituent of McGovern’s says it all:

Pinto: Hey McGovern, It’s Worcester Stupid!

Fed up with his Congressman [McGovern] interjecting himself into “issues in Havana, Venezuela, Columbia (with FARC terrorists), Sudan, Iraq and Texas while ignoring issues in Hopkinton, Worcester, New Bedford and Fall River“, Chris Pinto compared McGovern’s constituents to the cobbler’s children who had no shoes because the cobbler was too busy making shoes for everyone else.  Can you blame Pinto?  Not only was McGovern elected by his district to serve his district, but while the discovery of thousands of votes in his district being thrown out, and/or not counted, disenfranchising McGovern’s very own voters, (or maybe not), attracts little to no interest by McGovern, HE has the interest and takes the time to sign a letter to Attorney General Holder urging him to investigate Voter ID laws being proposed in the state of Texas. 

HE DID WHAT?!? Yep, while home on the ranch his constituents are working overtime trying to clean up elections in their own backyards’ through programs such as Voter ID, and demands for an investigation of how and why thousands of votes were ignored, McGovern is busy making sure that other states can’t have clean elections.  What’s wrong with this picture?  The title says it all!

Pinto: Hey McGovern, It’s Worcester Stupid!   Read the full article here: 


I was shocked and appalled last week when I learned that in July of 2011 Congressman McGovern signed a letter to Attorney General Holder urging him to investigate Voter ID laws being proposed in the state of Texas, a law that is nearly identical to laws that are currently in place in Indiana and other states. Since the Indiana Voter ID law has already been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, why would the congressman be worried about the possibility of problems with proposed laws in another state? Here’s a copy of the letter:  Download PDF

“Congressman McGovern has an opportunity to show that he isn’t the cobbler that is too busy with his (Hollywood activist) customers to make his own kids some shoes. A letter to the Justice Department to get this investigation moving before the ballots are destroyed in July, would prove that he truly cares about actual disenfranchised voters in his home rather than grandstanding about laws that are already settled by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

. . .                 If the Congressman takes no action, then the Cobblers kids should consider divorcing their “dad”, Jim McGovern.


One comment on “Calling out McGovern

  1. MH
    March 31, 2012

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m sick and tired of these rigged elections. I have to show ID to purchase Advil Cold and Sinus medicine but I can go to any poll and say I’m someone I’m not and get away with it. It’s time to vote the bums out and get Term Limits enough is enough!

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