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Late Breaking News – Events: 

Jeff Semon, Candidate for U.S. Congress MA-5th will be on live on the air with FOX News personality and national radio host Janine Turner at 1:30pm tomorrow – Wednesday, April 11, 2012.

You can listen at:    or


Dave Gaubatz, co-author of “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America is speaking Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 7:00 PM at the Sheraton Framingham, 1657 Worcester Road, Framingham, MA 01701  –  508-879-7200.    His topic is “The Muslim Brotherhood in America: At Your Doorstep.”    The evening is co-hosted by the MA Act! For America Chapters of Framingham, Hopkinton, Sudbury, Shrewsbury, and Boston.    To RSVP and reserve your seat, contact:               Suggested Donation $10

Dave is a career military counterterrorism specialist and US State Department-trained Arabic linguist who also spent twelve years as a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI).  Dave has dedicated much of his life to conducting first-hand CT research to educate the public and law enforcement to the realities of Islamic Jihadists who have dedicated their lives to destroying America. 

Muslim Mafia is the captivating story of how Dave and his son Chris, working together with investigative journalist Paul Sperry, organized and executed a risky, 6-month long undercover operation against CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations). Over 12,000 pages of internal CAIR internal documents discovered reveal the Muslim Brotherhood’s conspiracy to finance and support Islamic terrorism and to import Shariah (Islamic fascism) to the shores of America, with the goal of eliminating and destroying American society from within.

April 2012   /Judy

There’s a sea of info. here this week folks, so wade through it at your leisure!

Hard to Deny Voter Fraud After This Incident!

Given mounting evidence across the country, including MA, the noise about pushing for Voter ID laws to eliminate voter fraud should be getting louder and louder—so loud that the cacophonous  truth can no longer be ignored by the doubters or the main-stream media.


Link to the O’Keefe article:

Sub-link to the actual video showing how easy it was to get Holder’s ballot to vote:

Quoted From Breitbart News:

“O’Keefe Voter Fraud Investigation: Young Man Offered Holder’s Ballot”

by Breitbart News 7 hours ago 682post a comment

“U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has declared that there is no proof that in-person voter fraud is a problem. He’s about to see proof that even he can’t deny.

In a new video (below) provided to, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas demonstrates why Holder should stop attacking voter ID laws–by walking into Holder’s voting precinct and showing the world that anyone can obtain Eric Holder’s primary ballot. Literally.

The video shows a young man entering a Washington, DC polling place at 3401 Nebraska Avenue, NW, on primary day of this year–April 3, 2012–and giving Holder’s name and address. The poll worker promptly offers the young man Holder’s ballot to vote.

The young man then suggests that he should show his ID; the poll worker, in compliance with DC law, states: ‘You don’t need it. It’s all right. As long as you’re in here, you’re on our list, and that’s who you say you are, you’re okay.’

The young man replies: ‘I would feel more comfortable if I just had my ID. Is it alright if I go get it?’ The poll worker agrees.

‘I’ll be back Faster than you can say Furious,’ the young man jokes on his way out, in a reference to the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal that has plagued Holder’s Department of Justice.

Holder has maintained that voter fraud is not a major problem in the United States, and that voter ID would not curb voter fraud in any case.

As Project Veritas has proven, voter fraud is easy and simple–and may be increasingly common in the absence of voter ID laws.

Project Veritas has already shown how dead people can vote in New Hampshire, prompting the state senate to pass a voter ID law; they’ve also shown people can use celebrity names like Tim Tebow and Tom Brady to vote in Minnesota, prompting the state legislature to put voter ID on the ballot as a constitutional amendment.”


But Perhaps “Martha” Needs Hearing Aids to Hear the Voter Fraud Noise?  Info. at:


Brown Leaves Dems “in the Dust:”

Read Holly Robichaud’s account of Senator Scott Brown’s legislative successes that leave Democrats “in the dust” in today’s Boston Herald at:


Scott Brown Has Transferred to Maryland National Guard:

The upcoming election battle probably makes this a good move for the senator.  Read the article at:


Warren on WRONG Side of Important Issues!

Here are 3: The Supreme Court deciding on Constitutionality of Obamacare, MA Secure Communities Implementation, & Illegal Immigrant Support.  To read the Boston Herald article on each, go to:


Bold Education Overhaul in Louisana:

Even most of the “best” public school systems in our state and country are overflowing with liberal agenda, and the “tenure system” of retaining teachers in the public sector, some of whose creative spark and drive to excel burned out long ago, is damaging to kids’ opportunity for a truly superior education.  Sorely needed and long overdue, is education reform that ensures really effective teachers are educating all American children.  Replacing tenure with merit pay incentives encourage high-quality teaching and weed out those not up to the challenge, but making this change is a tough, up-hill battle all the way.  Louisiana has begun the climb.  This is an excerpt from a FreedomWorks article:

“On April 4th, after months of hard work, FreedomWorks activists celebrated as the Louisiana State Senate finally passed HB976 and HB974, two bills that mark a historic overhaul of the state’s education system.  The HB976 legislation creates a market-based school choice system, creating vouchers for children to escape failing schools and allowing an easier pathway to creation of charter schools with a ‘parent trigger’ program.  The HB974 legislation completely overhauls the teacher tenure system in Louisiana, rewarding only effective educators and provides financial incentives for those performing above expectation.  HB974 also eliminates ‘automatic’ teacher tenure for new teachers entering the school service.”

Read the full article at: FreedomWorks at:


Calling all Senator Scott Brown supporters!!!  Please read the following message from Alex Ingram, one of Senator Brown’s Field Representatives, and sign up as a member of one or more coalitions for putting your name on the coalition list in future press releases and for receiving future campaign updates.
“The MassVictory team is working with the Brown campaign to help build coalitions for Scott. Want to put your name on the line as a supporter of Senator Brown? Consider joining one of the Coalitions listed below. Your name will go out in a press release along with hundreds of others stating your support, and you will be personally invited to events centered around your cause. Just shoot me an email with one or more coalitions that you would be interested in joining and feel free to recruit family and friends too.   Here are the coalitions we are currently forming:   Independents,  Small Business Leaders,  Veterans,  Catholics,  Union Members,  Women,  Sportsmen,  Youth/Students.   Thank you for your ongoing support.”

Alexander Ingram, Victory Field Coordinator, Massachusetts Republican Party – 963 Chelmsford St., Lowell, MA 01851 – Tel (978) 810 1950    <>


Supreme Court Slammed by President:

Here are excerpts from an article in The Foundry, an arm of the Heritage Foundation, that seem to indicate that the reckless disregard for the Constitution and the American people, exercised by the 111th Congress and the administration when putting Obamacare in place, may finally be coming back to confront them:

Obama Slams Supreme Court over Obamacare”  –  “The highest elected official in the United States dished out an extra helping of irony yesterday when, in speaking at a joint news conference with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Calderon, President Barack Obama slammed the Supreme Court as an ‘unelected group of people’ who will have turned to ‘judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint’ if they strike down Obamacare.   The President’s remarks imply that the Court, were it to rule the individual mandate unconstitutional, would be acting recklessly in undertaking judicial review of Congress’ unprecedented use of the Commerce Clause to force Americans to buy health care or pay a penalty. The irony in all this is that this President has presided over an Administration that is the epitome of recklessly abusing power, at times in flagrant violation of the Constitution, and has empowered unelected bureaucrats to write scads of new regulations impacting nearly every corner of American life.”  Read the entire article at:

The Fifth Circuit of Appeals asked for a written response from Attorney General Holder explaining the President’s comments.  The AG did his “homework” as Yahoo reported and you can read about the request & response at these websites:     and    and


Minor Offenses—MAJOR Problem: 

According to this report, the Supreme Court recently decided it’s OK to use strip searches in jail even for minor offenses.  For details, go to:


“Brother Can You Spare A Dime?”…or perhaps about $820,000?

News media reported this week that the General Services Administration (GSA) spent over $820,000.00 of taxpayer money on a convention for its employees in Las Vegas.  For the details, go to:


Some Quotes from a Heritage article entitled, “The Highest Taxes in the World”:

The Highest Taxes in the World” – “There aren’t many American-owned companies more iconic than Anheuser-Busch, the famous producer of Budweiser beer based in St. Louis, Missouri. That was true up until 2008, when the Brazilian-Belgian company InBev executed a hostile takeover of the historic brewer, leading to layoffs of more than 1,800 workers. Unfortunately, conditions in the United States are growing ripe for even more takeovers like these to occur, especially now that the nation’s corporate tax rate is officially the highest in the world.  As of yesterday, the U.S. corporate tax rate of 39.2 percent claimed the world’s top spot, edging out Japan which recently lowered its rate from 39.5 percent to 36.8 percent. (The U.S. rate includes the 35 percent federal rate plus the average rate the states add on.) That’s well above the 25 percent average of other developed nations. Heritage’s Curtis Dubay explains the impact on companies based in the United States[.]”   The article goes on to say that “Unfortunately, in the face of this tax rate, the Obama Administration is proposing measures that will make matters even worse for U.S. companies. Last week, Vice President Joe Biden proposed a “global minimum tax” in a wrongheaded effort to encourage companies to invest in the United States instead of overseas.”

Read the entire article at:


Minor Offenses—MAJOR Problem: 

According to this report, the Supreme Court recently decided it’s OK to use strip searches in jail even for minor offenses.  For details, go to:


Real Live Science Fiction:

Human Events reported that “the newly elected Russian president Vladmir Putin has confirmed Russia has been testing mind-bending psychotronic guns that can effectively turn people into zombies. These electromagnetic radiation guns are not props in a science-fiction movie.  For details, go to:


VICTORY for Property Owners in Supreme Court Ruling:  Important info. at:


Rebuilding America’s “Infrastructure” CREATES JOBS for AMERICANS…RIGHT?…WRONG!

Some may be shocked by what’s happening here—not everyone of course—although it’s hard to believe that the main-stream media is actually reporting it.  Bridge projects right here in our own country are going to Chinese contractors instead of American ones while unemployment numbers are still at an all-time high.  Hopefully enough American workers will be outraged enough to let their ballots do their talking in November!
Diane Sawyer recently reported on this story for ABC news. For more information, go to:       Video at:  U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms | Video – ABC News


Richard Tisei Campaign: 

The Boston Globe recently had a long article on Richard Tisei’s run against John Tierney.  To read it, go to:


“MomsAndDadsFor—Cavaretta’s New Education Website:

Dean Cavaretta has launched a new website about one of his campaign’s main priorities:  EDUCATION      The website highlights his support for public education based on his varied experiences as a licensed public school teacher, former classroom aid, ABRHS football and lacrosse coach, summer school instructor and tutor.  The website called, , was officially unveiled on Monday, March 19.  To read about it, go to:


A Message from the Mass GOP:

A Message from Chairman Bob MaginnOur Party gained an experienced and trusted leader in electing Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey to the office of National Republican Committeewoman yesterday.  Kerry Healey is a proven leader and understands what it will take to compete and win up and down the ballot this November.  The competitive election held last night is a harbinger of a bright, passionate future for the MassGOP. Chanel Prunier’s tireless activism and unwavering support of the Republican cause will continue to be a valuable asset to the Party and I thank her for running.I am confident that we will move forward together to even greater success on Election Day.-Chairman Bob Maginn
A Message from National Committeewoman Kerry HealeyI am honored to be your new National Committeewoman and excited to begin working for Republicans across Massachusetts once more.  I thank the State Committee for their support and their service to our Party.  We have a lot of work to do before November and I know our newly-energized State Committee is ready to do it. I also want to thank Chanel Prunier for all the work she does to expand and support the grassroots of our Party; she is an incredibly important asset to our team. I know we will also be calling on Jody Dow to share her expertise as we move forward and I thank her for her years of selfless service to the MRSC. I look forward to working with all of you to grow our Party from the grassroots to the Presidency!Thank you,

Senator Scott Brown on Secure Communities:

I Support Secure Communities

Scott Brown
April 5, 2012

I always have supported legal immigration. I believe the arrival of new people to our shores has strengthened us as a country. But we are also a nation of laws and even as we say yes to legal immi­gration, we must take steps to end illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration erodes respect for the law and it compro­mises our ability to maintain secure borders. One of the ways we can address the problem of ille­gal immigration is through pro­grams like Secure Communities.

Over the last year, our state has experi­enced a series of violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants who had no business being in the country in the first place. Last summer, three tragic deaths in Brockton and Milford highlighted the clear need to iden­tify and deport people who come here ille­gally and then commit new crimes. In Brock­ton, a woman and her child were murdered.

In Milford, a man was killed by a drunken driver. In both cases, the perpetrators were in the country illegally and had previous run-ins with the law. If these individuals had been deported following their previous arrests, it’s possible the lives of three people could have been saved.

As a state, we need to make every effort to prevent tragedies like this from happen­ing again. That is why I support Secure Communities, and believe that Massachu­setts needs to be fully participating in this very important program.

Secure Communities would allow for bet­ter information sharing of arrest records and immigration status between local and fed­eral authorities. It would give local law enforcement the ability to immediately ver­ify the immigration status of individuals who have been arrested and hold them until federal authorities intervene to begin deportation proceedings.

This week, I spent time with Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis and Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson, visiting their prison facilities, hearing their concerns and learning what tools they need from the federal government to do their jobs and keep the public safe. They both told me that Secure Communities would instantaneously improve public safety, and better enable them to keep violent criminal offenders behind bars.

As a member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, I have worked closely on immigration issues at the federal level. On multiple occasions, I have asked President Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, for her opinion on the program and she said, “We really need Secure Communities.” My likely opponent in November, Elizabeth Warren, has a different view. She opposes Secure Communities. She also opposes a border fence, and supports in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.

This is not fair to the millions of legal immigrants who are waiting patiently to come into the country, and it is not fair to Massachusetts taxpayers. In my view, the way to end illegal immigration is by securing the border, shutting off the magnets like in­state tuition and drivers licenses and imple­menting programs like Secure Communities. Illegal immigration undermines legal immigration, and we must work to reform the system, but in the meantime, we need to keep these dangerous criminals off the street and prevent tragedies like we experi­enced in Brockton and Milford from ever happening again. Secure Communities is an important tool for sheriffs and law-enforce­ment officials across Massachusetts.


Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch, liberty is a well armed lamb.  -Ben Franklin




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