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EBT scandal continues to grow

The Electronic Benefits Transfer scandal in Massachusetts continues to grow. The Boston Herald began in depth coverage when it published data indicating that 20,000 EBT cards/month were claimed to have been lost by those using the benefits card. Governor Deval Patrick stated that he had complete confidence in the program. State Auditor Suzanne Bump claimed that there were only anecdotal stories about EBT card abuse.
However, both Deval and Suzanne should have spoken to MA State Attorney General Martha Coakley before making these statements. The state AG who generally avoids political controversy has decided to weigh in on this corruption.  /Vinnie  A Lowell man arrested Friday with nearly a half-pound of heroin was also carrying an EBT card belonging to a known drug user — a card that may have been collateral for a drug debt, police and prosecutors believe… EBT cards, which have come under scrutiny recently over their misuse, are now being handed over to dealers by addicts. . . discovered to be wanted by immigration officials, as well, having entered the country illegally through Arizona . . .

Rep. Shaunna O’Connell talking about: EBT card changes

We're talking about: EBT card changes
Recent abuse of tax payer-funded EBT cards has left many calling for lawmakers to put an end to the card’s ATM cash option. Rep. Shauna O’Connell of Taunton visited FOX 25’s Beacon Hill Studio to discuss the possible change.

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