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Delegate Count for Massachussetts

What’s going on with the delegates?  Last Saturday over 2000 Republicans chose delegates to the Republican National Convention, in what historically included much smaller numbers.  The expectation was that “local son” Romney would be the recipient of those delegates, but as Rob Eno of Red Mass Group explains in his blog A Great Day for the Massachusetts Republican Party  “Beginning with the State Committee races a new generation of leadership has stood up and said, look at us. . . the libertarian wing, won 17 of the 27 delegates selected at the nine caucuses. . . The establishment is understandably shaken by the turn of these events.  With big names like Kerry Healey, and Brad Jones not winning in their home district caucuses.  They shouldn’t be.  They should embrace the energy of these “new” people and not turn them away.  This wing of the party, if treated with respect, forms a dedicated grassroots army.  Their leader is working to ensure they stay involved.  It is imperative that the establishment leadership finds a way to work with that bridge builder.

Brad Wyatt, a school committeeman from Boylston is the bridge builder Enos is referring to.  Wyatt is an activist who owns the Osgood Bradley Building which Enos says has become a center for conservative activism in Central Massachusetts, and that it has been the “home of Massachusetts Victory efforts for two cycles now”.  According to Enos

Brad is the first person to stress that the home of liberty minded people is the Republican Party.  It is by his efforts that hundreds, if not thousands, of people changed their party registration over the past twelve years.  He understands that after primary fights, it is time to come together to defeat the enemies of smaller government.

Brad Wyatt, today, moved from out of the shadows and claimed his place as a leader of the Party.  He represents a new and growing faction, of liberty minded, small government conservatives.  Unlike Carla Howell, Brad is an affable gentle face to the liberty movement, who is dedicated to winning within the framework of a two-party system.

The establishment has a choice to make in the coming weeks, be  excited about the growth in our party, or circle the wagons.  The appropriate choice is to heed Tim Pawlenty’s words, and grow the base of this party by embracing, publicly in word and deed the liberty wing of the party.                         Onward to November and Victory.

But the establishment does not appear as enthusiastic, and has plans of their own.  Keeping up with the count in terms of delegates has been difficult at best, but according to Reality Check, in Romney’s home state of Massachusetts, 19 delegates were chosen to go on to Tampa.  Of those, 16 are Ron Paul delegates.  All delegates are bound by rules that dictate that on the first round they must vote for Romney.  Once at the convention, however, Rule 38 kicks in and requires that the delegates from Massachusetts must vote as a unit which will make what happens at the convention most interesting.  See more, especially on “unit rule” , to understand why there might still be a fight on the convention floor HERE:




2 comments on “Delegate Count for Massachussetts

  1. neenergyobserver
    May 4, 2012

    That is very interesting, and I find it surprising. But that’s an eye of the beholder thing, everybody seems to think that MA is uniformly liberal/left wing. One would think we’d know better.

    I think we need the libertarian wing badly, many, many of their ideas are right in line with what the rest of us conservatives believe and we need to remind them that that is so. I also suspect that conservative support for Romney is very, very soft. If he doesn’t win on the first ballot nearly anything can happen.

    I still have strong doubts that, without a huge money advantage, which he won’t have in the general, Romney can win. If he’s nominated, I’ll support him but not with the enthusiam I had for others, and I’m certain I’m not the only one.

    BTW the next battle looks like it will be against the Republican establishment, we need the party of Reagan, not Rockefeller.

  2. integrity1st
    May 7, 2012

    Agreed, and this sums it up fairly well:
    It’s Not Going To Be Easy
    by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired

    With the suspension of his campaign, Newt Gingrich has acknowledged what many have been working for since its inception, to make Mitt Romney the Republican nominee for the Presidency. Given the way establishment Republicans managed to overcome conservatism in favor of a moderate it is time for those in and outside the Party to seriously contemplate a new party to replace or gut and rebuild the GOP in the majority image. Once the beacon for hope, for economic growth and the standard bearer for conservative moral values, the GOP has succeeded in selecting another moderate in the face of enormous desire for a conservative. Is Romney conservative, and by comparison to who? Compared to Dr. Ron Paul he is a flaming liberal; but, compared to Barack Hussein Obama is a staunch conservative.

    This essay is not so much about Mitt Romney, although he represents establishment GOP aspirations; it is about the fact that most of the country is conservative, desirous of conservative principles and leadership. Mitt Romney is by all accounts a good man and husband; and although he would not have been my choice he is now. That notwithstanding his experience and qualifications are so superior to Barack Obama, who now warns Americans not to take a chance on Romney (Are you kidding?), that there is no logical, viable alternative unless some sudden turn of events propels someone else to the forefront. At this juncture, that is unlikely.

    For the time being conservatives and moderates must concentrate on the eradication of Barack Obama as a political force, never again to have him or his socialist/communist ideologies regain political center stage. However, once the election is settled conservatives must band together to form a new, formidable and unbeatable political party. Consider the major elements and composition of the Democrat Party: Hispanics, blacks, unions, socialists/communists, feminists, homosexuals, Muslims, and atheists. In each instance there is a solid majority that blindly votes Democrat or supports the Democrat agenda of: homosexual marriage, unrestricted abortions, illegal entrants (immigration), less defense spending, more pervasive social programs, universal government run health care and lax voter laws, to name the salient ones.

    During the last general election cycle good people from all walks of life swarmed to vote for Barack Obama because he painted himself as a centrist which most everyone believed was true despite overwhelming evidence that it was not. Voters chose to put on rose colored glasses and drink of “patriotic fervor” in hopes that at long last racism would be erased, that the racist guilt that hung over the nation for centuries would be assuaged, that Obama would be President of all the people, not just the radical left that underwrote his campaign by dubious means. I confess that initially I had such a hope, but it did not take long to see through the thin veil of centrism to the radical socialist core that Obama embodies.

    If one listens past his high sounding phrases and carefully crafted platitudes they will hear duplicitous rhetoric that is often contradictory within the same sentence. He talks about American values as though the he has a corner on the market of those values. On the one hand he praises Ronald Reagan in an effort to dupe the ignorant or easily swayed; and on the other damns him. It is clear from his writings that he despised President Reagan, condemning him and the Republican Congress as corrupt and sinister.

    We are at a crossroad, where two roads diverge and his and Democrats’ socialist experiment of the last three and one half years has proven to be an unmitigated disaster. Hopefully Republicans and conservatives will have the skill, will and ability to overcome Obama’s personal style because beneath that million dollar smile is a ravening wolf set on destroying the Nation for the purpose of remolding it into a socialist/communist utopia. What he has done while in office, the people with which he has surrounded himself, his obscene spending, his pro-Muslim Brotherhood stance, his anti-business and anti-energy independence regulations, and his enthusiastic endorsement of the Wall Street Occupiers and their byproducts paints a clear picture of Obama and his vision for America.

    I have no love lost for Wall Street manipulators, speculators, and hedge funds, none of which advance the economy and all of which damage it. But one should applaud those who make, not take, vast amounts of money, build successful businesses like Microsoft, Apple, Google and others, and I do. Unfortunately too many are possessed of a dark side that shows their hand by obscene bonuses, visibly opulent lifestyles during hard times, and abandoning the nation that brought them wealth rather than stand fast and join the fight for its continued freedom. Now, conservatives must embrace moderates to not only elect Mitt Romney and a conservative VP, but a Conservative majority in the Senate and House to restore American moral and economic vitality, and its historic “exceptionalism.”

    Democrats’ notion that taxes are too low is on its face foolhardy. The good old days of deficit spending, then betting that the economy will expand to support the deficit are gone. Obama and Company’s printing vast quantities of paper money to cover expenses is causing inflation manifest in increasing price of food, fuel and hard goods. That must stop immediately upon taking the Oath of Office, and it’s not going to be easy but we’ll see how Romney handles it.

    Semper Fidelis
    Bob Pappas

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