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Mass and Wisconsin

English: Scott Walker on February 18, 2011

The Walker victory in Wisconsin was being hailed by most level-headed people across the country as “the campaign to save America” long before the Lt. Governor of Wisconsin, Rebecca Kleefisch appropriately said it in her victory speech last night.  The recall election will go down in history for a variety of reasons better left to the politicos to analyze, but the nagging question for so many in Massachusetts is can we ever hope for the likes of Walker, and his reforms in this state?  Rush’s summary of the meaning of this victory:

“Strip away all the partisanship, strip away all of the reasons that there’s acrimony,” Limbaugh explained, “doesn’t this victory last night by Scott Walker, doesn’t it mean that states all over the country now have another choice when it comes to dealing with fiscal emergencies?
“They don’t have to raise taxes. States do not have to lay off people. They don’t have to go bankrupt. The federal taxpayer does not have to bail out these states. There’s now another choice. The states can trim a little fat from the public-sector union contracts, which is always their biggest expense. Isn’t that good news? There’s a way here that’s been lighted. In the real world where we’re in fiscal trouble, here is a state which has shown a way out of it. . .”

So the answer Massachusetts, is YES, we can, but the question still remains, will we?  Coulter, for all her non-stop Romney stumping of late, recently came out with two must read articles.  An earlier one, GOP whistling past the end of America , speaks to “an election almost as important as the presidential election will be held next Tuesday, and conservatives aren’t making a big deal of it…” It provides excellent insight into Walker’s accomplishments, and what the recall was about.

In the other, all of which is also worth a read, she states:

The Democrats will do anything the government unions ask, because (1) It’s not their money they’re spending, it’s the taxpayers’; and (2) Government unions reciprocate by making sure the Democrats keep getting re-elected.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo is about to turn New York into Pottersville from “It’s a Wonderful Life” by legalizing gambling so he can keep paying the unions.
All manufacturing has been driven out of the state by high taxes — and by well-compensated government employees who make it impossible to do business in New York. The state’s principal cash cow, New York City, is now entirely composed of a tiny slice of Wall Streeters and the people who serve them –- personal trainers, doormen, maids, doctors, lawyers, restaurateurs and Keith Olbermann’s cat groomer.
Outside of New York City, everyone works for the government. But there’s no actual industry in the state. People are fleeing New York faster than Democrat legislators fled Wisconsin before a vote they were going to lose.
Soon it will be just another mid-range, dying state. If the financial sector ever leaves, New York City will be Detroit, which itself was once the nation’s crown jewel metropolis.
So Cuomo’s going to bring in casinos to save public sector salaries, perks and pensions. Democrats don’t care that gambling destroys neighborhoods and ruins lives. They will do anything to keep government employees happy. They’ll legalize drugs or sell body parts to keep paying off public sector workers.
There’s a reason both FDR and labor leader George Meany said it would be insane to ever allow government employees to unionize. People who work for the government don’t have a hard-driving capitalist boss on the other side of the bargaining table demanding more work for less pay.
No one is worried about the profit margin because there is no profit — it’s government! Rather, the only people on the other side of the table are the unions’ co-conspirators: Democratic politicians willing to spend the public treasury on union members, who will repay the politicians by mobilizing voters.
This is why Walker’s victory Tuesday night was an amazing, miraculous, transformative event in the history of the nation.

Obviously Massachusetts can draw more similarities to New York than Wisconsin at this moment in time, but hey, Wisconsin supported Obama by a wide margin, so maybe there’s hope for us yet!  Meanwhile, let’s be very, very grateful for Wisconsin, and Walker’s victory.


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