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It can be said the upcoming elections could be the most important in all of our lifetimes as America is at a crossroads like never before.  And yet, the vast majority of people out there don’t even know when the next election is, let alone the players, most especially at the State and Local levels.  Even the well informed have trouble keeping up with races in their own district, and the uninformed, well they still get a vote at the polls should they be so inclined.

Red Mass Group has provided a Legislative Race Spotlight by region, but let no one forget, our legislators all vote for things that directly affect us, whether they are our legislators or not.  The MORE good people we can help get elected across the State, whether our district or not, will have far reaching effect on all of us.  For those that know the limited interest and attention span of many of their local friends and neighbors. please try to at least get them familiar with and interested in the goings on in their own backyard.  As to the rest of us, we shall continue to spread ourselves thinner and thinner with the obvious realization of how very important staying informed is.  Consider RMG’s Spotlight a cheat sheet of sorts for an overview, but when possible, get the regional races out to locals in your town that otherwise would be clueless.  We need wins wherever they can be had, start by spreading the word.  There are SO MANY that wouldn’t even know where to look for this information.  SHARE:

Legislative Race Spotlight

RMG News intern John McKenna has been taking a look at the different regions of the Commonwealth, and the races in them.  This begins our look at legislative races at Red Mass Group for the 2012 cycle.  Here are the three articles up already.

The four western counties, Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin.
RMG News this week will be touring the state’s electoral landscape, from the very top of the ticket to the very local, giving you a one stop shop for all your election needs. From Lenox to Dorchester, from Salisbury to Provincetown, we’re going to have you covered race by race in the march to November.

Worcester County
The next part of our election series takes us to Worcester County, an area that has been a real battleground in recent years. It was also here that four Republicans won seats from Democrats, bringing the total of House Republicans to eight, including the tie in the 6th Worcester District that required a run-off.

Merrimack Valley
In the third installment of our look at the local electoral landscape, we ride the NH border as we look at the Merrimack Valley, spanning northern Essex and Middlesex counties, and including the cities of Lawrence, Lowell, Haverill, and Chelmsford. This rather purple area of Massachusetts sent four Republicans to Beacon Hill in 2010, and three are running unopposed, including Minority House Whip Brad Hill. Will he get more representatives for his vote counts? Let’s take a look

North Shore
The fourth installment of our journey around the state takes us to the North Shore, encompassing Essex, Northern Middlesex, and Northern Suffolk counties. This is a rather blue area thanks to the cities of Gloucester and Lynn, but also has the red areas of Ipswitch, Rowley, Boxford, and Andover. It is also home to one of the most competitive Congressional districts in the country, so this will be a vibrant area for state politicos, and even national ones.


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