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Let America Be America Again

Those words, let America be America again, and those words alone are probably what most resonate with anyone paying attention to what is going on in our country, or wondering how we got here.  Variations on the same theme are what got Scott Brown elected in what many perceived as the “Scott heard around the world” to SAVE OUR COUNTRY or TAKE AMERICA BACK.  For the passionate many who worked tirelessly to get Brown elected to that end, there has been massive disappointment, and when he gains support and endorsements from a guy, (Bloomberg), who, for example, bans extra large beverages because he knows what you should be buying and drinking, (now you must buy two mediums?!?), and who wants to dramatically impose restrictions on our Second Amendment rights, it really makes you take pause.

But our options are limited, and time is running out.  And if we have any hope of turning the clock back on the never ending flow of Czars, Executive Powers, slush funds and bailouts for campaign donors’ bankrupt companies, entitlements for all, and much, much more that threaten the very essence of America’s survival, (let alone that we remain in a position to help anyone or other country, because there is nothing left with which to help ourselves), we must take inventory and change course.

We MUST mobilize and educate the uninformed. 

We MUST enlighten those who care, but simply do not know what they can do about it, and

We MUST get Scott Brown RE-elected at all costs.

Then work with him to do more in keeping with our original hopes and expectations after he is safely seated for a six year term.  The alternative is just too dangerous in terms of this country’s future.

There are so many that will go to the polls and pull the lever, but not do any heavy lifting until then because of the apathy created since electing Brown to “Save America”.  Well the same issues are as alive today, as were two years ago, Obamacare as but one example.  But there is all the more at stake now as we see almost everyday of this administration’s philosophy to penalize the rich, create class warfare, fuel racial tension, grow government and make power grabs over the private sector.  Through all this, and more, we see eroding everything that allowed America to become great, including encroaching on our rights and liberties at almost every turn.

There is too much at stake to not reach out to every last person to insure that they know where we are in terms of needing their vote to change the destructive course we are on, and to SAVE AMERICA.  Brown may not be all that we had hoped for, but he was a definitive message the first time around.  Now he is another critical message to stop the Obama and Warren philosophy that the hard work, sacrifice, and risks taken to build a successful business were not of your doing, and “YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT”.

This video provides an opportunity to spread the message of where we stand in terms of America and its and our path to greatness.  SHARE THIS TO ENLIGHTEN and to make known what our values are by making it the most viewed video and . . . TO HELP TO ELECT SCOTT BROWN.

Brown’s “Let America be America Again” WebAd closing in on 800,000 views, outpacing Warren’s Rant (+)  by: Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

As of yesterday the video was trending as the number one political video on You Tube.


3 comments on “Let America Be America Again

  1. MH
    July 29, 2012

    I agree Scott has to be re elected even though he’s a RINO. He is ray of hope when you compare him to the communist, marxist, socialist,progressive,liberal Warren. Anyone is better than Warren she’s a disaster that we can’t allow to happen. At least Scott is fighting for our fisherman’s right to do their jobs and trying to find work for others also.

  2. Ros Co
    July 30, 2012

    Please read the poem “Let America be America Again” by Langston Hughes (written during the Great Depression). Those dang liberals say Republicans don’t understand irony! I guess Scott Brown proves them wrong.

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