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Rob Eno of Red Mass Group is not only doing the job Main Street Media refuses to do, but he is single-handedly probing, and exposing what is going on behind the scenes in our government, [emphasis on OUR], that Main Street Media doesn’t even look at.  The results are that Eno is accessing information that should, but isn’t, being provided to the public, and in the process he is bringing much-needed transparency to an institution that is supposed to be serving “us”, yet continues to conceal what they are doing.  Enos can also be credited for forcing accountability where there is none, and holding politicians feet to the fire which few of us are able to do with as much clout.

The more we support him and help him to grow Red Mass Group, the more of a force he becomes to do the kind of work investigative journalists once built careers on.  Now, unfortunately, due to not only budget cuts, but media’s agenda and bias, journalists tend to cater to their ‘valued sources’ for readily available news, instead of investigating it/them.  This method of journalism keeps us in the dark on much that taxpayers are funding and being used as cash cows for by our “public servants” with neither our consent or knowledge.

Consider using Red Mass Group as a daily subscription delivered to your email box of worthy news we simply don’t have time to go in search of, and are not likely to get from our local or regional tabloids.  Then consider making as much of a donation as possible because this is truly valuable work and information we need to Save Our State of Massachusetts.

Below the request for contributions is a sampling of what Eno puts out daily, delivered to your email box if you subscribe, (for free), and you can click on any number of stories of interest for more information.  Often you will get the views of other informed commentators, and, of course, your comments or questions are welcomed.  Red Mass Group is better than any Lame Stream Media subscription if you really want to know what’s going on at Bacon Hill.  With the state of our economy and country, NOTHING should really be more important right now than keeping our finger on the pulse of what effects each and every one of us in this state, and with such an important upcoming election, our most powerful resource right now is to ELECT the best person for the job.  Let’s help grow Red Mass Group and strengthen our voice in things that have lasting effects on generations to come!

If you can’t make a contribution to this effort, do your part to pass this on so that more people can become informed.  Knowledge is power, and strength in numbers is but another way we can all contribute to stop the egregious fraud, waste, and corruption that is bleeding us dry.

Help us continue our work

Here at Red Mass Group we are committed to bringing you the information it is hard to find elsewhere.  Whether it is roll call votes, investigative reporting, videos, or a little daily humor with your morning coffee.  We are committed to you, and helping the conservative movement in Massachusetts grow.  All of this takes time, and money. From our subscription to State House News, to our use of mailing software to bring you daily updates, to the gas it takes to cover events, and never mind the time committment.  Your generosity helps to keep this going.

There are two ways you can help today.  The first is by making a donation of $100, $50, $25, $10 or even $5.00 today.   The second is by sharing the website with your friends in a short email.  Both will help us grow.

Thank you in advance for your generosity,

Rob Eno
Publisher Red Mass Group

P.S.  Your donation of $100, $50, $25, $10 or even $5.00 will help us continue our work.

Donations to Red Mass Group are not tax-deductible.  Red Mass Group is owned and operated by Robert Eno.

Daily Update August 6, 2012

Five Things – Deval Patrick to sign, BBJ described “soviet-style”, health reform bill –  Patrick to swear in new Inspector general – Porn Stars for Romney – Warren to open coordinated corruption campaign office in Worcester, Herald chides Minority Leadership for go along to get along mentality.
Globe Op-Ed writer calls for prosecution of financial bad actors.  As Emerson’s resident Journalist, she should start by investigating Deval Patrick’s full role at Ameriquest. It’s long past due for the press to take full notice.
VIDEO: Bob the Builder teaches Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama a valuable lesson.
When groups funded by both George Soros and the Koch Bros. agree on something, if you’re the target you probably have a problem.  John Tierney learns this lesson.

Meet Rob Eno

Click here for video interview with Activate Worcester Television.  (Scroll down to #5 of Five Things you should know today, August 7, 2012)    28:17



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