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*****The most important thing you can do today

for YOU, your CHILDREN, your State of Massachusetts, the future, your, and everybody else’s finances:   thank the people leading the initiative below, and



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                      August 6, 2013                                    

CONTACT:  Holly Robichaud   781-378-1798

Ballot Initiative Will Stop Taxation Without Representation


Boston, MA…Today a group of taxpayers gathered on the outside State House stairs to announce that they are filing a ballot initiative to cut the linkage between the gas tax and inflation which the legislature recently passed.


It is outrageous that Beacon Hill is increasing our gas tax every year for the rest of lives without a voteThat’s taxation without representation.  It is wrong and we are going to stop it,” said Steve Aylward, who is the Republican State Committee man that ran the very successful signature drive for Mike Sullivan last winter.


The initial supporters of the ballot initiative include Marty Lamb, Chris Pinto, Republican National Committee woman Chanel Prunier, Les Gosule who passed Melissa’s law in 2012, Jeff Bailey, State Representative Leah Cole, Stephen Coulter, Alex Vispoli, State Representative Geoff Diehl, State Representative Jim Lyons, State Representative Marc Lombardo, Rick Gleason of the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association, Rich Howell, Paul Craney of Mass Fiscal, Desiree Awiszio, Jamie Kang, Mike Mosca, Marylou Daxland, Katie Regan, State Representative Shaunna O’Connell, John O’Mara of the Northborough Tea Party, Barbara Anderson of Citizens of Limited Taxation, and many more.


Last month the legislature passed the so-called transportation bill which included a gas tax hike, a new tax on computer software, and a cigarette tax increase. It also linked the gas tax to CPI which allows the gas tax to increase every year without a vote of the legislature.


“This year our state took in over $600 million above projections.  We don’t need this tax package.  I voted against this bill in the House and I am not going to sit on the sidelines now while the state reaches into our wallets every year for the rest of our lives for more and more money without an accountable vote being taken,” said State Representative Diehl.


“How much more will Beacon Hill take from our wallets?  We don’t know.  We just know it is going up automatically with no debate, no input and no oversight,” said Pinto. 


“Our elected officials have failed us.  Our only alternative is to pass a ballot question that will stop this taxation without representation,” said Marty Lamb. 


The attorney for the group is former U.S. Attorney Mike Sullivan.


Since launching the facebook page last week the group has over 732 friends.  Please go LIKE the page

The plan is to launch a website shortly in preparation for collecting  100,000 raw signatures. 


TAX HIKES that will make the cost of food go up.

TAX HIKES that will make it cost more to get to work, (or anywhere).

TAX HIKES that will increase the cost of virtually everything you need or want.

TAX HIKES that will make EVERYTHING ELSE go up every year.

TAX HIKES that will cause the inflation they are tied to.

TAX HIKES in perpetuity.

TAX HIKES without a vote.

TAX HIKES without representation

TAX HIKES that are the most outrageous, obnoxious and irresponsible thing any Governor has ever done to the people, .i.e,

YOU, your CHILDREN, your State of Massachusetts, the future, your, and everybody else’s finances



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