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100,000 signatures by Nov. 20th to TANK the GAS TAX


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Are you doing everything you can to help?  THIS will make a huge difference for generations to come, and save you money now.  Alternatively, if not undone at this time, it sets a precedent that will be copied on something else.

Linking the gas tax to inflation is obscene, and a self-fulfilling increase as the cost of gas makes everything else cost more.  AND, IT IS GOING TO INCREASE EVERY YEAR WITHOUT A VOTE – – – FOREVER!   

taxation without representation  

HELP YOURSELVES, YOUR CHILDREN, and THEIR CHILDREN by stopping this NOW.  Do not let the unconscionable actions of this administration punish us for generations to come.  Grab at least one (1) signature sheet and get 10 signatures from people you know.  Do more if you can, but do something!

Hi Friends,

It was a sneaky trick and definitely NOT a treat! 

summer the legislature linked the gas tax to the inflation.  That means
the tax is going to increase every year without a vote on the
legislature.  It is taxation without representation.

It is a sneaky way to raise taxes without input from taxpayers.

Unlike the tech tax, the majority party is not willing to flip flop on this tax that hurts families.

That’s why I am spearheading the repeal effort.

Will you help me?

We need to collect 100,000 signatures by November 20th.  It is a huge task!  One person cannot do it alone.  We need an army of volunteers and donations.

            Here are the ways you can assist the ballot questions.

1.      Sign the petition.  Visit our website
to find the nearest location to sign or you can download the sheet to
sign.  Please follow the instructions closely.  The rules are very

2.      Collect signatures.
We need people at grocery food stores and malls collecting signatures.
1000 people collecting 100 signatures gets us to our goal.

3.      Donations.  Printing the petitions and signs along with mailing them is expensive.  If you cannot collect, then a donation of $100, $50 or $35 would be greatly appreciated. 

is critical we fight the gas tax being linked to inflation.  If we
don’t, then legislature will link other taxes to inflation.

Please let me hear from you today.






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