Save Our State of Massachusetts


Time is running out.  Please help us repeal this outrageous linking of the gas tax to inflation, that will increase every year, without a vote, and cause everything else to go up along with it.  This issue cuts across all party lines, and this is a really URGENT appeal for people to jump in wherever possible to help Tank the Automatic Gas Tax.  Certain people have been working night and day and gathered over 60,000 signatures to get the repeal of this “infinity” tax on the ballot so that everyone in Massachusetts, and generations to come will not be subjected to this repulsive idea of taxing us in perpetuity where it will hurt us the most.  But, 100,000 signatures are needed by November 20th, and  If we fall short by even one (1) signature, all these hard efforts will have been for nothing!   Please see below for EASY things, URGENTLY NEEDED, that you can do to



 –    “It is outrageous that Beacon Hill is increasing our gas tax every year for the rest of lives without a voteThat’s taxation without representation.  It is wrong and we are going to stop it, said Steve Aylward

–    “This year our state took in over $600 million above projections. We don’t need this tax package… while the state reaches into our wallets every year for the rest of our lives for more and more money without an accountable vote being taken,” said State Representative Diehl.  

–    “How much more will Beacon Hill take from our wallets?  We don’t know.  We just know it is going up automatically with no debate, no input and no oversight,” said Pinto. 

–    “Our elected officials have failed us.  Our only alternative is to pass a ballot question that will stop this taxation without representation,” said Marty Lamb.


“We are entering the second year of revenue being above projections.  Why would we want to saddle drivers with automatic tax increases when we don’t know if how much is going to be collected?  It’s not as if the legislature would ever return money to the people.  If more revenue is needed, then there should have to be a vote of the legislature,” stated Rep. Geoff Diehl. 

We are not going to make the ballot unless…people, like you, step forward, TODAY, to help collect signatures. 

You can download the petition on your own here: Initiative Petition if you want to print out signature sheets on your own to take get signatures from your family, friends or neighbors.  They must be printed double sided, with the right orientation, or they will not count.  Each double sided page allows for 22 signatures, and if everybody would just do this, and got HALF that, it would be a HUGE help!

Go to for more information or call 781-378-1798 to see what else you can do to help, and/or where to send your signature sheets, or to join organized efforts to gather signatures all over the state for this URGENT, last ditch effort to save you $$$ for years and generations to come!  PLEASE, we need your help, NOW to stop: 
TAX HIKES that will make the cost of food go up.

TAX HIKES that will make it cost more to get to work, (or anywhere).

TAX HIKES that will increase the cost of virtually everything you need or want.

TAX HIKES that will make EVERYTHING ELSE go up every year.

TAX HIKES that will cause the inflation they are tied to.

TAX HIKES in perpetuity.

TAX HIKES without a vote.

TAX HIKES without representation

TAX HIKES that are the most outrageous, obnoxious and irresponsible thing any Governor has ever done to the people, .i.e,

YOU, your CHILDREN, your State of Massachusetts, the future, your, and everybody else’s finances



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