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  NOVEMBER 2013      /Judy

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” Dale Carnegie


In case you haven’t yet heard the good news, WE DID IT!!!…all of us…everyone in MA who worked on and/or signed the petition to “TANK THE GAS TAX” – including the Republican legislators who supported us with this effort!!!

The first big step in the initiative petition was a HUGE SUCCESS!  Way over 100,000 signatures have been turned in to town/city halls across the state to get this question on the ballot!  This was a real grassroots effort that started formally about 9 weeks ago—and one that demonstrates to the “tax and spend” liberals on Beacon Hill that “taxation without representation” will not stand with “we the people”!

According to a press release from Tank The Gas Tax.Org, “Not since 1999 has an all volunteer group (not union driven) been able to gather enough signatures to get a question on the ballot.”  (An excerpt from that press release follows this message.)

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English: US consumer price index 1913-2006 (US city average). Created with Calc. Data obtained from: This data was linked on: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The next phase of this project is currently underway, and once the petitions are certified and delivered to the Secretary of State’s office, our next big challenge will be to get everyone to the polls next November to VOTE DOWN the most insidious provision in this gas tax law—and the one that this petition addresses—that being the AUTOMATIC rise FOREVER in the state gas tax if/when the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rises—without further debate, input from the state’s citizens, or an another vote by legislators.This means of course, that there is still more work to be done, but this is a VERY GOOD SIGN FOR THE TIMES!   You will be hearing more about this ballot question in the coming months before the November elections, so please help to spread the word and keep the momentum alive!

Press Release Excerpt:      Volunteers Collect 100,000 Plus Raw Signatures

Boston, MA…Today organizers for the ballot initiative to tank the automatic gas tax hikes proudly announced that they have collected 100,000 raw signatures to place the question on the November 2014 ballot.  “Nine weeks ago we embarked on mission impossible.  Today we stand here to proudly announce that we have collected 100,000 signatures to get our initiative on the ballot.  It was an all-volunteer effort,” said Steve Aylward, Republican State Committeeman and lead sponsor of the initiative.  “We had a great team going into this effort and we added another 800 people.”

Not since 1999 has an all volunteer group (not union driven) been able to gather enough signatures to get a question on the ballot.  “We have heard from so many town clerks that they have never seen so many individuals bring in sheets.  They were motivated by this outrageous tax.  Taxation without representation will not stand.  We are going to repeal it,” said State Representative Geoff Diehl.

“The legislature should have flipped flopped on this issue when they had the chance.  They listened to big business, but they ignored the average taxpayer who was also hurt by their recent tax package. The automatic gas tax hurts the middle class and the working poor the most” said Marty Lamb, who is a sponsor of the ballot initiative.  “We were freezing for a reason out there collecting.  We are going to hold Beacon Hill accountable.”

“When I was out collecting, voters were telling me that they were very angry.  At one point we had a line of people wanting to sign the petition.   The legislature should have never passed the tax package.
Now voters are going to have a vehicle to send a strong message to Beacon Hill about the constant money grab and implementing automatic gas taxes,” said Jim Lyons who help lead the team that collected 11,000 signatures.

“I want to thank some very special people who all made this possible.  Desiree Awiszio, CJ Gangi, Marylou Daxland, Agatha Bodwell, Suzie Scholl, Jeff Bailey, Stephen Coulter, Les Gosule, and the Massachusetts Republican Party,” said Diehl.  “How many did we actually file?  We know we filed 100,000 of our hard count.  However, we estimate that there could be another 10,000 to 30,000 at Clerk’s offices.  People were going to our website and filing on their own.”

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