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UPDATED – Danger to Wallet, Security, Safety, Privacy, Health, Environment

Asked whether National Grid has encountered the type of opposition it faces here in Worcester with projects in other communities, Drew says, “This is certainly a different type of project. We’re working to install a Smart Energy Solutions Program. These are communications devices needed to upgrade our infrastructure.”


It comes in all shapes and forms.  Earlier we posted how to stop it from coming to your community/home.  Before you could get organized the Patrick Administration Required Grid Modernization Plans for Electric Utilities  quietly, 2 days before Christmas.  Your zoning board is suddenly the only thing between you and the advancement of the “smart” solutions they have planned for you that “have been installed in Ipswich, Belmont, Braintree, Concord, Danvers, Fitchburg, Hopkinton, Marblehead, Newton and Worcester, while AMR meters in other communities being upgraded to transmit continuously without the homeowner’s knowledge or consent.  Stop Smart Meters Massachusetts   

Posted By Walter Bird Jr. – …  The proposals have generated fierce opposition among area residents as well as activists inside and outside of Worcester who warn of serious health risks associated with the towers and the so-called Smart Meters, all of which are key components of National Grid’s Smart Energy Solutions program  …   Among the research cited is a piece by James Tracy for Global Research published in July 2012. Tracy writes, in part: “Because of power companies’ stealth roll-out of smart meters a large majority of the public still remains unaware of the dangers they pose to human health.

Thea Fournier, CN, LLC of North Andover, MA states:     … The adverse health impact of wireless technologies is not limited to increased long-term risk for cancers.   The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has upgraded its position from a call for caution to a recommendation for a full moratorium based on the acute onset or intensification of illnesses associated with smart meter installations. . . The burden of proof is on the utility company to provide evidence that smart meters are safe . . . There is a show currently archived on WCCA Channel 13 featuring experts speaking on the smart meter and wireless debate. Cancer expert Dr. Anthony Miller spoke in November of 2103 on the risks of wide-scale ambient exposure to a possible carcinogen.   Here is the link to the show:

(Articles: WorcesterMag & Worcester Telegram)

The call to action is greater than ever to be heard on this, yet the vast majority of your friends and neighbors have no idea what this is, or what is happening, even though it will directly affect them.  Please pass this on so that people become more aware of Smart Meters, the dangers they present, and their encroachment on all of us.  Get more information here, and act immediately:

Clare Donegan is at the forefront of educating and warning people about Smart Meters, and packs a powerful punch in making presentations to stop them from coming to Worcester.   Worcester Opts Out and HaltMAsmartMeters have been diligently working on a large number of valid reasons ‘smart’ meter data towers should not be approved.  Blocking the 12th tower they are attempting to install is believed to almost certainly derail the three that were approved by the Zoning Board in May over residents’ opposition , as well as the other eight base station/towers.  This is the ‘keystone’ tower:  without it (they are 99.99% sure) the others are useless.  If you have 4 minutes and 12 seconds to spare take a look at this Video Testimony of Anthony B. Miller, MD, FRCP, FRCP(C), FHPHM, FACE.  

What’s going on?   Feel free to contact OR if you have questions.

Billions of dollars of ‘smart’ utility meters are being installed across America that are unable to integrate with, or enable, the ‘smart grid’ of the future on which U.S. energy sustainability depends, according to the landmark report, Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid” published by the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy in Washington, D.C.

Called a colossal waste of taxpayer and ratepayer dollars, the new meters and networks do not improve energy efficiency, enhance energy management, help balance supply and demand, or facilitate the integration of renewable sources.  Instead the meters drive up costs, introduce unnecessary risks to personal privacy and health, and divert resources from creating a true smart grid.


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