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The other side of the Justina Pelletier story

JustinaThat’s all everyone wants to believe, i.e., that there is another side to this story, because it is just too hard to believe that anything like this could possibly happen in this country, in this very state, in our own backyard.Justina-Pelletier-skating The story of Justina Pelletier is every parent’s worst nightmare, and is literally

a battle for a young girl’s life against the state of Massachusetts.

While this might appear to be one of the most astonishing cases currently being litigated in America, it is but one of hundreds, if not thousands, of similar stories that stay below the radar while families battle the behemoth government agencies on their own for years to get their children back, many only prevailing when the children are emancipated, and the damage more than done all the way around.  None have gotten the media attention that the Pelletier family is only now getting, and all hope this will be the defining case that shines the light on all that is wrong, and dysfunctional about DCF and our court system that rips apart loving families and destroys lives beyond anything known or believable by those who have not seen it up close, or personally.

Justina Pelletier, a 15 year old resident of Connecticut, was receiving treatment by Dr. Korson at Tufts, for mitochondrial disease, a very rare disorder, when she was sent to Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) for a consult and was seized by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).  Justina’s parents, and 3 older sisters, have spent the last 13-months and counting, traveling from Connecticut to Massachusetts for their ONCE A WEEK, ONE-HOUR, SUPERVISED visits while under a GAG ORDER from the court.  All the while the family watched as their youngest daughter’s health deteriorated from that of a once active teenager who took part in figure skating competitions, to one who is unable to walk and currently confined to a wheel chair.Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 11.56.26 AM  Why?  Because the treating doctor at BCH determined that the rare medical condition that was being successfully treated at Tufts didn’t exist.  After several days of giving BCH doctors the benefit of the doubt, the Pelletier opted to have their daughter discharged to go back to the care she had received at Tufts.  That’s when security guards came from every direction and Justina and her family’s lives would forever change.

(Read more gruesome details here:, and read here about another family’s nightmare with BCH and DCF: )

Justina was abruptly pulled off vital medications, including pain killers and critical vitamins and would spend the next 13 months and continuing, in a locked down psych ward at BCH where she still remains a “ward of the state”.  Ironically, this was when the real abuse would begin, but DCF would charge Lou and Linda Pelletier with “medical child abuse” for following the diagnosis and treatment prescribed at Tufts.  Lou Pelletier “It’s David against Goliath. I am fighting the DCF and Harvard University – and their pockets are deeper than mine.”   


No one wants to believe this story can really happen, and everyone it doesn’t happen to, never believes it, or believes there’s another side to it that makes it justifiable.  Believe it, become familiar with it, treat it as though it were happening in your own family, and STOP what is happening to hundreds of families that deal with similar horrific nightmares BEFORE it happens to you, and to prevent it from happening to anybody else.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ― MLK Jr.

Thanks in large part to State Reps Lyons and Lombardo, on March 6, 2014, after the year-long gag order had been lifted, Mr. Pelletier spoke to Legislators at the State House in Boston  and told his family’s tragic story in graphic detail.  He emphasized the hundreds of other families he has heard from whose lives have also been similarly destroyed by DCF and the courts, not to mention other hospitals.  Despite that all Legislators were invited to hear this important statement indicative of the outrageous and dangerous over-reach of government into the lives of these Reps’ constituents, and even the Pelletier’s who are from out of state, only about a dozen of the usual concerned Reps showed up:  Shaunna O’Connell, Keiki Orral, Leah Cole, and more to be named.  It is a critical first step that everyone take note and contact their State Reps that don’t take this government overreach and destruction of families as one of the most critical situations facing this state, and demand investigations into all those families whose children have been removed by this state’s embattled DCF and out of control courts.

The video of Lou Pelletier’s entire statement to our legislators will be posted here soon, but the more details that are learned, the more disgusting this story gets.  What has been done to this family, and the possible irreversible damage done to this young girl, is as unconscionable, as it is unbelievable .  The Governor should just get his check book out now and write the high 7-figure check that won’t begin to make up for what this state has done to this family under his watch, and spare this family any more financial or emotional damage by this state while they go after Children’s hospital without him.  It appears that while this hearing was going on, Governor Patrick, just back from his vacation in Costa Rica, was on this day on the news holding baby black bears and returning them to their parents in the woods – seriously.

Here are 3 sisters that would like their baby sister returned to them:Justina-Pelletiers-three-older-sisters

As for DCF and our court system, it is a plague on hundreds of families on so many levels from ripping children from loving homes and causing untold damage to them and their families, to leaving the most abused and vulnerable children in the highest of risk situations.  What is it going to take to stop the atrocities being committed daily by these unaccountable entities that are acting in direct opposition to what they are charged to do?  EVERYONE should participate and DEMAND that both these entities be investigated and reformed, but if you do nothing else, please sign the petition to end at least this Family’s nightmare.

“It is unfathomable that this barbaric overreach by a state agency is taking place in America – and in the city that launched the fight for American liberty, of all places.   Please, take a minute to add your name to the End the Pelletier Nightmare petition at:


Make no mistake, Children’s started this, but could have gotten no where without DCF, and they could neither gain authority nor custody of Justina if not sanctioned, and facilitated by the courts.  And please, make no mistake, if you take Children’s out of the equation, and substitute it with other hospitals, a disgruntled spouse, a vindictive ex, a custody battle, or any other imaginative false narrative, this nightmare pervades hundreds of families’ lives across this state.  The Massachusetts state legislature are being called on to intervene and begin a thorough investigation of the abuses visited upon the Pelletier family (and others) by the DCF, and the courts, and your voice and action are needed now.  Please find contact information for your legislators in the side panels of this site’s Home Page.


2 comments on “The other side of the Justina Pelletier story

  1. blackirishblonde
    March 7, 2014

    This seems to be a “war” between Tufts and Children’s and Justina is the pawn.
    Justina’s Gastrointestinal Specialist had gone from Tuft’s to Children’s. When she got the flu her Doctor at Tufts sent her to Children’s to see him. He never saw her!! Within hours of her admission a diagnosis of Somatoform (all in her head) was made by a physician who had been practicing for 7 months as a full fledged physician and the Psych Department took charge,
    I have a problem with the Children’s Hospital Psychiatric part of this. That department is a entity of its own. They kept that girl in a Psych ward for a YEAR. As a nurse I just don’t understand why Dr. Mark Korson who is now Chief of Metabolism Services and Director of the Metabolic Disorders Clinic from Tufts who had worked at Children’s for 15 years before going to Tufts was not allowed in the discussions of her care with the Judge,DCF and Children’s Hospital(Dr.Korson had a ordered gag order). It makes no sense to me. I have followed this case and it is not only baffling, but upsetting. Please also remember that the cost of this year long care is now being paid by us, the residents of Massachusetts . All procedures that Justina had done at Tufts Medical Center prior to this debacle were reviewed and paid for by her private insurance.
    I also know that DCF is IN HOUSE at Children’s Hospital~~this why DCF and Children’s should NEVER have been involved in the decision making when it comes to the care of Justina, they are bias. I hope these parents sue everyone involved. Children’s,DCF,and the Judge.

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