Save Our State of Massachusetts


Time is running out.  Please help us repeal this outrageous linking of the gas tax to inflation, that will increase every year, without a vote, and cause everything else to go … Continue reading

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100,000 signatures by Nov. 20th to TANK the GAS TAX

Are you doing everything you can to help?  THIS will make a huge difference for generations to come, and save you money now.  Alternatively, if not undone at this time, … Continue reading

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Pretend this is Massachusetts

Read the below, and imagine if this was happening in Mass.  The $$$ saved, and the integrity to be gained on all levels of government would have a profound affect … Continue reading

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Become more effective to bring change

SOS (Save Our State) implores you to become more effective to bring change to Beacon Hill and beyond by attending: The Massachusetts Campaign for Liberty is hosting a One-Day Political … Continue reading

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Still waiting for RE Tax Relief the Governor Promised?

update:  Suicide Pact: How to cripple your state in five easy steps. (+) Well it’s not coming, but even if it did, the Governor would have found many other ways … Continue reading

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*****The most important thing you can do today

for YOU, your CHILDREN, your State of Massachusetts, the future, your, and everybody else’s finances:   thank the people leading the initiative below, and HELP TANK THE AUTOMATIC GAS TAX HIKES … Continue reading

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Help Red Mass Group Grow

Rob Eno of Red Mass Group is not only doing the job Main Street Media refuses to do, but he is single-handedly probing, and exposing what is going on behind … Continue reading

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Let America Be America Again

Those words, let America be America again, and those words alone are probably what most resonate with anyone paying attention to what is going on in our country, or wondering … Continue reading

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AUDIT the Fed

UPDATE: A GAO report from July 2011 revealed the FED bailed out banks and corporations to the tune of 16 trillion in taxpayer dollars. Audit the FED passes with a … Continue reading

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Looking to earn some extra money???

Looking for Volunteers for only a couple hours this Saturday! in GLOSTA.. afterwards, well, go to the beach! Just think, 2 hours of your time could save you hundreds (if … Continue reading

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