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Public Corruption

Use this thread to discuss or provide information on Public Corruption and what is being or should be done about it by posting in the comments section.  Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Three indicted Speakers
  • A Senator caught stuffing bribe money down her bra
  • Other Senators forced to resign in disgrace
  • They cut local aid instead of bureaucracy.
  • They refused to toughen up our laws on illegal immigration.
  • They voted to keep their hack holidays.
  • They only gave you the sales tax holiday during an election year.
  • The Governor wants to lower our schools’ academic standards to the federal level.
  • Our Governor lied about cutting property taxes.
  • Our Governor tried to put Marian Walsh into a job that had been vacant for 12 years for a nice salary of $175,000.
  • Our Governor hired an assistant for his wife.
  • Our Governor went on a jaunt during the debate over casinos.

Federal Level

  • Our Congressional did not care what you thought about Obamacare.
  • They wasted $787 billion on a stimulus plan that did not stop unemployment from increasing as promised.
  • They support cap and tax.
  • None of them have signed the No New Taxes pledge.
  • They all voted against reforming Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
  • None of them are supported by any groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
  • They took money out of the defense budget to pay for the Ted Kennedy Shrine.

Senator John Kerry may not be on the ballot this time, but I want you to remember his attitude when he was caught hiding his new yacht in Newport this summer.  He was trying to avoid paying his fair share.  Moreover, he lied when claiming he always intended to pay the taxes.  Why paint Newport, RI on the stern if he was going to pay?  Rules and taxes are for other people not the elected class. 

Tom Foley is running for Sheriff in Worcester.  Did you know he is disabled?  Let me rephrase-he is collecting disability.

A decorated State Trooper, what do you knee jerk Republicans not understand about why you can’t continue do be a State Trooper with a heart condition, while you can easily perform the job of Sheriff. Way to go Holly, the lone Republican soft on crime.  Comment by Liberal – October 25, 2010 @ 12:45 pm

That’s the problem with liberals – they think that whatever they accomplished, the world owes more to them than is reasonable.It is unfortunate that Tom Foley has a heart condition that prevents him from being a State Trooper. But he is NOT disabled – he CAN work at another job. So why is he collecting – and will continue to collect – DISABILITY. If he can perform Sheriff duties, then why doesn’t he give up the disability money he collects?I am all for helping someone who cannot perform their work due to a work related injury, but that does not ENTITLE them to a lifetime of income, if they can perform different work. Help them until they can train for other work (within a reasonable time), but not this lifetime income stuff when they are able-bodied in other areas of employment.Talk about bleeding hearts…Comment by Proud Neo-Con – October 25, 2010 @ 2:15 pm

Probation Department’s Scandal

  • CONCLUSIONS:  Report of the Independent Counsel            Hiring and promotion have been thoroughly compromised by a systemic rigging of the interview and selection process in favor of candidates who have political or other personal connections.
  • Hiring and promotion processes have been fraudulently orchestrated from beginning to end in favor of connected candidates. The fraud begins top with Commissioner O.Brien, and it extends through most of the hierarchy of the Department.                                           
  •  First Deputy Commissioner Elizabeth Tavares is one of the Deputy Commissioners who is at the heart of perpetrating the sham selection process. Former Deputy Commissioner William Burke, for example, agreed that he advanced any favored candidate who was not .really, really “and I mean really bad”:
  •  The hiring and promotion process within the Probation Department represents a pervasive fraud against the Commonwealth. Having created the pretext of following the procedures required by the Policies and Procedures Manual, the Commissioner instead awarded valuable positions with substantial salaries and benefits to individuals sponsored primarily by his political allies.  The Fraud Is Systemic and Not Episodic Corruption in the hiring and promotion process at the Probation Department is systemic.
    When Departmental hiring is authorized (typically following completion of annual appropriations), hundreds of calls on behalf of candidates are received by the Office of the Commissioner. These calls come from individuals in all walks of life, notably state legislators, but also judges, mayors, city councilors, prosecutors and other members of the executive branch.
  • Two key legislators involved in budgeting for Probation and who sponsored candidates for hiring and promotion also refused to cooperate with the investigation, former Speaker of the House Thomas Finneran and Representative Thomas Petrolati, both of whom invoked their Fifth Amendment and Article 12 rights and refused to testify.
  • Notwithstanding Commissioner O’Brien’s refusal to cooperate with the investigation, the evidence is overwhelming that he encouraged extensive falsification of interview results at all levels of Probation.  Commissioner O’Brien Retaliated Against Employees Who Refused to Execute the Fraud.    Each of these Deputies acted knowingly, in breach of their fiduciary duties to the Probation Department and in breach of the express provisions of the Personnel Practices and Procedures Manual.
  • Deputy Commissioners who served as Legal Counsel to the Department during this period, former Deputy Commissioner Anthony Sicuso and Deputy Commissioner Christopher Bulger, either were aware of the wrongdoing within the Department and failed to report it, or had substantial reason to believe that the wrongdoing was …
  • Some observers have felt that Probation-gate was going to go away, given that embattled former Probation Commissioner John O’Brien may have evidence that everyone from powerful legislators to judges to the governor’s office may have sought jobs through him in exchange for support for his department.

    The Globe, however, reported yesterday that Attorney General Martha Coakley has been quietly presenting evidence to a Grand Jury on the case.

For more than five years, Jack Abramoff’s name has been an epithet for high-level corruption.

But with the release of his penitent new best-selling book, “Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth about Washington Corruption from America’s Most Notorious Lobbyist,” the man known by the media as “disgraced lobbyist” Jack Abramoff has some adoring fans.

It was over a span of 10 years that Abramoff became the most powerful lobbyist on
Capitol Hill. Congressmen lined up to do his bidding, executives heeded his advice and heads of governments hung on his every word.

Then scandal brought him down to disgrace and prison, but this power broker said nothing.

Now a free man, he’s penned “Capitol Punishment” and is pulling back the curtain on the mysterious and corrupt world of federal politics, admitting how he initially felt dirty – but
got used to it.

While his name became synonymous with government corruption, the drastic fall from grace was his wake-up call. And he now admits he did wrong. He said he lost sight
of the “line,” and he had plenty of time to reflect during his 43-month prison

Not only is “Capitol Punishment” rocking K Street and the
Beltway Establishment, it is rocketing up the sales chart at Amazon.

With support for Congress at an all-time low, “Capitol Punishment” gives readers the opportunity to view the world of lobbying through the eyes of the ultimate insider in
Abramoff and learn just who is manipulating many of the decisions made by America’s elected leaders.

Breach of Trust: How Washington Turns Outsiders Into Insiders -Dr. Tom Coburn, U.S. senator from Oklahoma, gives an insider account of the inner workings and intrigues of Washington. Coburn’s shocking stories reveal how career politicians are obsessed with reelection and have no concern for principles.WHORES: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment – Larry Klayman describes his efforts to stem abuses in the judiciary and executive branches of our government. He details his legal battles with President and First Lady Bill and Hillary Clinton, Vice President Dick Cheney and the Bush administration.


An elected official is getting full-time pay to run a busy office, but a FOX Undercover investigation found he’s barely there, spending his work day instead at his private law practice, running errands, even at local watering holes. 

Deputy chief admits gun used in robbery is his    LAWRENCE — Deputy Police Chief Melix Bonilla has been promised immunity

See Also:

Taxpayers on hook for Sal DiMasi defense     The vendor would write checks to Mendes or for Mendes’s benefit, including checks payable to Mendes, his bank and personal credit cards, and Mendes would increase his “personal credit” line by selling ammunition left over from military training programs conducted at the DOC’s Bridgewater facility.


8 comments on “Public Corruption

  1. Integrity1st
    November 29, 2010

    Well, there’s the Probation scandal mentioned above, and the fact that only then does the AG step in: Massachusetts Probation Department to be investigated by Attorney General Martha Coakley in wake of scathing report.

    and then there’s the Sheriff Scandal/Mystery where Pension Abuse Continues, and this is only the Sheriff’s Edition
    what else lurks out there that won’t be investigated until prosecutors are handed a “smoking gun”, or more:

    and, I’m guessing the more you dig, the more you would find, but who’s really initiating

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  3. billcarson2162
    December 29, 2011

    Fairhaven Wind Turbines New Bedford Superior Court Jan. 3

    Fairhaven wind foes head back to court

    Text Size: A | A | A
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    var isoPubDate = ‘December 29, 2011’By BETH PERDUE
    December 29, 2011 12:00 AM

    FAIRHAVEN — Opponents of Fairhaven’s two proposed wind turbines are heading back to court next week in one of several efforts under way to shut down the town-supported wind project.

    Twenty-two plaintiffs have filed a civil suit against the project and will be in New Bedford Superior Court Jan. 3 seeking an injunction against continued construction, according to attorney Ann DeNardis.

    DeNardis said this is a new suit naming the town of Fairhaven, Board of Selectmen and Building Commissioner Wayne Fostin as defendants. Windwise’s attempt to revive a 2008 lawsuit against the turbines, which named the Planning Board as defendant, was denied earlier this month.

    Among other counts, the suit alleges that the town exceeded its authority “by entering into a lease for the property located within Assessor’s Map 28 Lot 9,” not Map 28 Lots 8 and 8A as had been authorized by Town Meeting.

    Plaintiffs also allege that the town’s bylaw requires 10 acres of land for the construction of a wind turbine, but that Lot 9 is only 7 acres.

    “We feel it’s a violation of law,” DeNardis said.

    Fairhaven Town Counsel Thomas Crotty could not be reached for comment.

    At the same time it is pursuing legal action, Windwise has also begun circulating a petition calling for a special Town Meeting to address three specific issues, including shutting down turbine construction. The group is also pushing the Board of Health to address health issues related to wind turbines.

    Windwise needs 200 certified signatures from registered voters to force a special Town Meeting, according to Town Clerk Eileen Lowney. If Windwise gets them, selectmen must schedule the meeting no later than 45 days after the petition is filed, she said.

    One of three proposed Windwise articles calls for suspending construction, installation and operation of the turbines, suspending any contracts for these activities, and returning the land parcel off Arsene Street to its pre-construction state.

    The other two articles target the town’s current leadership by proposing term limits and amending the process to initiate a recall of an elected official to allow for more time to obtain necessary signatures.

    Although proposed by Windwise, two of the three articles will likely gain the support of a newly formed group in Fairhaven that was organized to promote transparent and fair politics. A spin-off from the school building issue, Fair Action for Fairhaven started meeting in November and launched its website, on Monday, according to co-founder Christopher Andersen.

    The group, which currently has about 30 members, is working on several articles of its own that it intends to propose for the annual Town Meeting this spring, but would likely support two of the Windwise articles, Andersen said.

    “I think the first two (articles) would definitely lend themselves to leveling the political landscape a little bit,” said Andersen. “The third one (on the wind turbines) I think is more of a personal choice. People have varying views on the wind turbine issue in our group.”

    Windwise’s term limit article proposes creating a two-consecutive-term limit for Fairhaven elected officials with an overall limit of six years in any one position. The proposed bylaw requires elected officials to step down after their current term ends if they have served more than the six-year limit.

    If the bylaw is enacted, all three Fairhaven selectmen would be automatically serving their last term.

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  5. Richard N. Dussault
    May 21, 2015

    Fairhaven select board chairman Geoffrey Haworth is currently operating a contracting business without a license and using a building on 208R. Sconticut Neck Rd. illegally . He is being allowed to do this by Wayne Fostin, who is the building commissioner. In Feb. 2013, Fostin approved a business certificate allowing Haworth to use the building without an occupancy permit or any other permits. On May 12, 2015 I took some pictures of Hayworth on a roof at 135 Spring St, supervising a crew replacing the roof. Hayworth recognized me and called the police. I checked with Fostin and although Hayworth was listed as the “contractor”, on the permit application there was no license information..Fostin checked the state license site ( while I was present ) and no CSL license for Hayworth was found. Also no insurance or worker’s compensation was found either by Hayworth or by the home owner. I tried to be put on the selectmen’s meeting agenda to discuss this obvious collusion and corrupt actions by Chairman Hayworth and building commissioner Fostin,only to be informed by registered mail that the selectmen “do not have anything to do with zoning issues”, and refused to allow me to state at a public meeting what is going on and ask for enforcement. Instead I am being brought before the select board ( scheduled by Hayworth ) at a public hearing June 9, to discuss alleged violations at my business at 99 Spring St. ( Spring St. Garage ). The select board will be acting in their capacity as the ” licensing authority “. Haworth’s advertisments state that he is a” licensed and insured” general contractor. He even lists a CSL license number, which when checked comes back as “invalid”. CSL stands for: construction supervisor license, a license you must take an exam for and meet other qualifications. You cannot supervise others or pull permits without it. Fostin refused to issue a stop order, placing the homeowner in a position of liability if anyone was hurt on their property. I have proof to back up everything I’m saying. If a homeowner hires unlicensed Hayworth, thinking he is “licensed and insured” as he advertises, he or she is making a mistake. The law states it is the home owner’s responsibility to insure the workers and to supervise them. Also the home owner must make sure everything is done to code. No matter what it takes, I will continue to expose Hayworth as a fraud and his enabler Fostin . These are corrupt Fairhaven public officials. Where does a citizen go when he or she cannot get enforcement? When the chairman of the selectmen and the building commissioner are allowed to operate illegally?

  6. Richard N. Dussault
    May 25, 2015

    I have notified the state agency that oversees contractors licensing, also the ethics commission. I will be notifying all building commissioners in the surrounding towns and cities. He can’t pull permits without a CSL.

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