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Two Democrat leaders indicted for “Tea Party” election fraud

Steve Dennis | March 17, 2011 at 9:44 pm | Tags: corruption, Democrats, Politics, scandal | Categories: Politics | URL:

  Two ex-Democrat leaders–Michael McGuinness and Jason Bauer–have been indicted in a “Tea Party” election fraud scheme in Detroit in an attempt to help Democrats get elected to local offices in the state of Michigan. These two men allegedly registered third party “Tea Party” candidates and got those candidates placed on the ballot in an attempt to siphon votes away from the Republican candidates on the ballot.

  While registering a third party candidate is not illegal, the manner in which they did so could cause these two men to be sentenced to 14 years in jail if they are found guilty. These men forged documents and put men on the ballot without their knowledge. These two men could have registered a third party candidate disguised as a Tea Party candidate legally–although doing so would have been immoral in itself–but they chose instead to indulge in the ultimate fraud, all because they were afraid Democrats were going to lose these seats if they did not resort to such drastic measures.

  There is nothing more sacred to the very premise America was founded on than the idea that politicians will be subjected to the will of the people and should and will be held accountable to the people they represent. To undermine the process in such a devious way is the antithesis of what the American voting process is all about.

  While most Americans hold the electoral process dear, we have already seen that Eric Holder–with his unwillingness to prosecute the Black Panthers for voter fraud even with video evidence–considers the outcome of elections more important than the integrity of the election process so I would not be at all surprised to learn that nothing ever comes from these charges.

  If the American people cannot legally and lawfully hold those that are supposed to represent us accountable for their actions than America as we know her is lost. I consider these charges against these two Detroit Democrat leaders to be among the most serious that can be levied against a person who is trusted to uphold the electoral laws of the land and I hope that they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The American people deserve it.

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